Rep Steve King Gives Trump Low Marks On Key Reforms Promised For Day One

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Rep Steve King (R-IA) , long one of the strongest voices in support of border security, deportation and immigration law enforcement, is giving President Trump low marks for his inaction on undoing Hussein Obama’s illegal amnesties. He went so far as to question whether he and DHS Secretary Kelly “may not share opinions on the rule of law” when it comes to amnesty.

King notes that despite President Trump running on a platform that included strict immigration enforcement and promising an immediate end to amnesty programs for illegals, hundreds of people receive amnesty every day.

Rep King told the Daily Caller that he’s “very disappointed on the lack of action” from the White House on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA). Over 750,000 people have received amnesty from DACA since 2012 and implementation of DAPA was held up by a court decision.”

Although Trump could end both programs through an executive order and promised to immediately do so on the campaign trail, it isn’t happening. King said, “every day this has been a violation of the Constitution.” He said he raised the issue with Trump three weeks ago, but he’s received no indication that anything is being done, remarking, “everyday they are complicit it is harder to resolve.” He asked, “is [Trump] going to force us to go back to court again?”

But his concerns go beyond those two circumventions of the law. King is concerned that Congress won’t honor their obligation to other portions of the Trump immigration agenda, and noted that over 10,000 refugees have been resettled in the U.S. since Trump was inaugurated. He complained that he hasn’t had “nearly enough” discussion with the Congressional leadership to be able to advance legislation that would replace the executive orders usurped by rogue activist judges.

King co-sponsored HR 80 prior to Trump taking office, which would immediately halt all refugee importation until Congress passed a joint-resolution permitting it. He’s working on the problem, meeting with his staff last week to advance other new legislation to deal with refugee admittance.

Additionally, it’s looking like we may have been sold a bill of goods to some extent on the border wall, though the exact identity of the salesman and the size of that sales force is still being determined. The Hill reported on Sunday that the House Republican leadership, that being the top level turncoats Ryan, McConnell and their lieutenants, intend to scuttle funding for the border wall, once again holding onto their petticoats in faux fear of the phantom “government shutdown.”

Rep King admitted to the Daily Caller that he’s “not too confident” that Congress will appropriate sufficient funding for immigration enforcement.” The border wall is projected to cost approximately $20 billion, with another $3 billion to go to an additional 5,000 CBP hires and another 10,000 at ICE.

King characterized not building the wall, if it were to happen, as being a “major failure” for both Congress and President Trump, in meeting their responsibility “to the American people.” King said, “We have an obligation to get those resources in place so the President can fulfill his campaign promise,” adding that those opposed to funding are wanting President Trump to fail.

The wall will eventually be funded, King still believes, but noted, “clearly some in our leadership aren’t as enthusiastic about this as I am.”

That ‘s the open borders, globalist establishment leadership of Paul Ryan, the wolves that are guarding the hen house.


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4 Comments on Rep Steve King Gives Trump Low Marks On Key Reforms Promised For Day One

  1. I’m starting to fear that Trump may have coned us. When he says Ryan is a great guy, and then threatens the conservatives during election, he may wash his hands and simply tell the people it’s Ryan’s fault, when he never meant to stop the globalist agenda.

  2. Trump has a broad spectrum of failures underway. Some are not his doing – some are. A shame. Our Republic will be the biggest loser.

  3. Rep. King needs to speak with Trump in private.He needs to hound Trump until he has this meeting. We know Trump has a ton of opposition but King is in the House near enough to the President so that he could make headway.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // April 15, 2017 at 7:32 pm // Reply

    Well Steve, much of what you say is true, but all of it is because of Congress, which is majority Republican, so why the hell aren’t you working to get Congress to pass the things Trump needs? Not only that, why don’t you talk to Trump and see what you can do to help him.

    I know this will never reach you Steve because I can’t even get my own Senators to respond to my letters, but maybe someone reading this can get to you.

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