Rep Lee, Another Smearing, Bigoted Dem – Won’t Attend, Befoul Inauguration

rep barbara lee


Rep Barbara Lee (D-CA), a member of the racist Congressional Black Caucus, doesn’t want to get labeled as the lying, agitating, anti-American radical smear merchant that she is, so she starts off her interview with a disclaimer. She says, “I respect the peaceful transfer of power, the office of the presidency and Donald Trump will be inaugurated and sworn in as our president.” With the “playing like a ‘respectable’ Congresswoman stuff” out of the way, she then gets about her real mission, defeating and demeaning whitey.

Lee turns to the topic of her fellow racist in the CBC, Rep John Lewis, who is busily confirming what an ass he is by not attending the inauguration and smearing Mr. Trump as illegitimate, hitting all of the Democrat talking points in the process. It’s no accident and it is not a coincidence that this is happening around the King holiday.

Lee says, “I think what’s important and I think Congressman Lewis said this very clearly earlier, today is Dr. King’s birthday and we really should be celebrating his life and legacy.” It was John Lewis and Chuck Todd who started this little dispute along with Elijah Cummings and other usual Democrat suspects who fueled the flames. If they didn’t want to distract from Dr. King’s birthday, they could have kept their mouths shut instead of targeting Mr. Trump. That’ not what they wanted. They are capitalizing upon, making the most of the King holiday, using him to achieve their objectives.

The fact that Lee might choose to celebrate the King holiday is fine and dandy, many of us don’t. It’s just not that big of a deal. George Washington’s birthday is no big deal either. She can also be assured that virtually no white Americans want to celebrate it or any other holiday the way she would have us celebrate it, by kissing the butts of demanding opportunistic racist agitators.  When  Lee says celebrate Dr. King, she’s saying bow to her blackness and her agenda or she’s going to name-call you. Nope, not gonna happen, lady. Call us what you want, you’re opinion means nothing.

Lee then attempts to put herself into the same class of individual as Dr. King, a facade she’ll never realize, saying “Some of us have to speak out.” She then immediately goes into what she knows is a barrage of lies, calling the Trump campaign “a campaign based upon bigotry and hatred.” Defending America from foreign invasion of the kind that Marxist Democrats are gradually creeping upon us is neither bigotry or hatred, it’s patriotism and defense of our nation.

Trump and his supporters oppose the treasonous open borders of the first half-white pretend president, by any invaders, regardless of their ethnicity or national origin. There’s nothing racist about it. He’s opposed to Islamic terrorism and the present policies of the Muslim sympathizer Obama are suicidal. There’s no bigotry involved in national security. Many Democrats, particularly among elected officials want to weaken and destroy this country. It’s to be expected that they will vehemently oppose a strong American president and exaggerate and fabricate to configure a false position against him.

Lee then proceeds to attack Senator Jeff Sessions because he’ll be enforcing the laws rather than concentrating on social engineering to benefit her favored groups. The smears that she’s using against him are false and by now she must know they’re lies. That places her beyond and below despicable. She is an embarrassment to the House of Representatives and to decent people everywhere, but a pillar of what it means to be a member of the CBC.

She tells another blatant lie, saying, “Senator Sessions has a history of opposing civil and human rights for everyone and that is not acceptable.” Apparently smearing good, honorable public servants in the name of politics is, though. Lee moves on to Steve Bannon, painting him as a white nationalist in the White House, again, a complete unvarnished lie. She’s a racist Congressional Black Caucus member, with a history of putting race before country and she’s got the nerve to attack others and label them with non-existent racism.

This vile woman is a piece of trash and not worthy of attending the inauguration of a great American president.

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