Rep Labels Sessions A Racist, Because He Doesn’t Cower To Racists Like Him

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In his speech John Lewis is attempting to play both roles in his confused game of “good black cop – bad black cop.” Of course we understand that in the world of a Democrat politician there are no good cops, but it’s just a tactic. Rep John Lewis, a racist Congressman from the state of Georgia, told his audience, “We have come a distance, we have made progress, but we’re not there yet.” As long as there are still independent, off-plantation, free-whites within the United States, they never will be “there.”

The only solutions for the “white problem” is either our total elimination from the American landscape or our subservience to black supremacists like Lewis. As progressives that still won’t be enough. By definition they are never satisfied. They’ll just find another target group and demand that they turn over their stuff and cash as well, to be followed by another.

Sounding like his voice is cracking from the mean people picking on “poor little Johnny” all his life, Lewis says, “There are forces that want to take us back to another place.” Those are probably the forces that have had a belly full of his whining and just want him to man up and shut up. The sniveling little parasite says, “We don’t want to go back, we want to go forward,” using the traditional communist terminology. Okay, John, go forward, just don’t expect white guys to carry you on our backs. We’re doing our best to keep from falling backwards into the street under the first half-white pretend president ourselves.

His phony drama nears the absurd but he never strays far from the civil rights crutch that he uses to guilt people into compliance. Quoting agitator A. Philip Randolph in a slavery-based metaphor, Lewis says, “maybe our forefathers and our foremothers all came to this great land in different ships, but we all in the same boat now. So being an American is the equivalent, in the view of this racist piece of communist trash, to being picked on, being stuck in “the same boat,” a hapless or unfortunate state of affairs. Is the Congressman, like Mooch, still not yet proud of “his country?”

He goes on to the point of his blather, an attack on white folks through the proxy of Senator Sessions. If he’s going to be attacking somebody with untrue allegations and generalized smears, he could at least get the man’s name right. There’s an “s” on the end of Sessions, you illiterate clown. He says, “It doesn’t matter how Senator Session [sic] may smile, how friendly he may be, how he may speak to you,” civility doesn’t matter to the Marxists unless they can declare injury due to a lack of it. Lewis went on, “But we need someone who [sic] gonna stand up, (He really has a problem with the letter “s”) speak up and speak out for the people that need help.” The crybaby Congressman is portraying himself as that “man” right now, a parasite asking for more handouts, demanding an open spigot as a condition of supporting or being less vicious towards the nominee. His extortion isn’t going to work with Senator Sessions or Donald J. Trump.

Being a nursemaid to racists and other freeloaders who want something for nothing isn’t the job of the Attorney General, although after the last eight years one could easily get confused. Senator Sessions is going to be enforcing the laws, all of them, without favoring Lewis’ select groups over others that he doesn’t like. Unlike Lewis, he won’t care what color they are or what identity political group they claim membership in. He’ll return to blind justice, enforced equally.

Lewis implies that Senator Sessions is a racist because he doesn’t believe in caving to pressure from the left, because he does believe in putting Americans first, Americans of every description, including those despised white males that all of the special interest lobbies hate so much and use as the boogeyman to pad their bank accounts.

It’s too bad his racism gravy train has reached the station. It must have been a great ride while it lasted. It’s time to become an adult again, for Lewis and angry parasites like him to take care of themselves instead of being cared for and supported by the “evil white devils” through the nanny state. Think way back Lewis, to a time when you could function for yourself. Maybe there’s nothing to remember, maybe it never occurred, a lot of Democrats have been sucking from the public teat their whole lives.

Get acquainted with independence, Lewis – be a man. Take your filthy liberal hand out of other people’s pockets and earn your own way. You might even like being a grown up. And enough of the drama; this is life, it’s not Oprah.

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