Rep King Win Win – Defund Planned Parenthood, Use Money To Build Border Wall

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Tucker Carlson points to a recent Planned Parenthood fundraiser as the lead in for a segment with Rep Steve King of Iowa. The WNBA, purportedly a league of professional women basketball players, sexist by its own definition, recently partnered with the baby-killers for a fund-raising event.

That game, which donated $5 of every ticket to the abortion company, was termed as a huge success, with Carlson noting they came close to selling out half of their arena. Carlson points to Planned Parenthood and reminds Congressman Steve King that defunding that organization was a Trump campaign promise.

It is something GOP Senators and House members have repeatedly pledged to do and one they have then immediately violated. Carlson notes not only that breach of trust but the one over the promise to build the wall as well. Rep King has an idea he proposed on CNN a week ago to a less-than-enthusiastic, “how could you starve the children” type of bleeding heart liberal response.

Carlson describes it as “Take away Planned Parenthood’s funding and use it to build a border wall, a combination designed to offend progressives.” Taking away the federal Planned Parenthood subsidy and using it to build a border wall is what King calls “a simple solution to a complex problem.”

King says there has been a lot of push back from the liberals and that the Republican leadership has been slow to embrace the idea. Carlson finds that minimally surprising. He says, “A year ago the leadership was saying we want to build a wall and we want to defund Planned Parenthood. You’ve provided a way to do both of those things simultaneously and yet they’re not congratulating you or buying you a beer?”

King replies, “You would think that they would say, ‘Boy, why didn’t I think of that, let’s do that right away. And you know another thing on this is that the Planned Parenthood, if we can even get this done, is only for a single year, instead of in perpetuity, which I prefer. But it’s worth half a billion dollars.”

King points out that Planned Parenthood gets $554 million per year, “And if we would just take that first half a billion out of there, apply it to the wall. And by the way the wall is way overpriced. We can build that for $10 billion or less. I spent 42 years in the construction business. I’m not interested in building it myself but we could do that.”

“Another thing that caught their attention,” says King, is that the food stamp or SNAP program has ballooned in cost at the same time as the profile of the average American has. King notes that when he came to Congress in 2003, there were 19 million people on food stamps. Now that number stands at 46 million, two and a half times the size in under 15 years, with forty percent of them obese.”

Carlson puts King on the spot to the point about why the wall hasn’t happened., asking “You’re a truth-teller. Tell us why it hasn’t happened.” King seems to be doing his best Porky Pig impersonation asking, “The, the thee, the, the, thee, wall itself?” Carlson replies, “Yeah, why hasn’t the Congress moved, separate from everything else, to fund and build the wall that their leader, the President, promised repeatedly during the campaign?”

King replies, “All Democrats oppose it, the never-Trumpers [globalist establishment types], who don’t announce themselves, oppose it and they’ve been looking for other ways to try to describe it. It’s been pulled down over and over again in a lot of different ways.”

He notes that “a wall is a wall, it’s concrete in the mind’s eye of the American people. He doesn’t believe that Paul Ryan is supportive of a wall but notes the pathetic amount of $1.6 billion appropriated by Congress in the upcoming budget for construction, an amount that he believes and as was stated by this author is an indicator that the administration and Congress may not be as serious about completing it as their rhetoric would indicate.

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  1. Rep. King is a good man. How about we make him the Speaker of the House? I have a feeling he’d do a great job. Now to find another fifty or so like him.

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