Rep King – TRUMP NEVER Under INVESTIGATION – Comey Refused To Call Off Media Dogs

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Maria Bartiromo gets things started by asking Rep Peter King what he hopes to learn once he and his fellow members of the House Intelligence Committee are finally able to see the infamous Comey leaked memo. King replies, “I think it is very important, first to see what his contemporaneous thought was and also to look at those memos and then try to figure out why he didn’t tape memos or prepare memos in his dealing with Loretta Lynch. I mean certainly, she seemed far more intrusive into the Hillary investigation than President Trump did with anything at all involving General Flynn.”

King also wonders why, “After the January 6th meeting, he decided to do a memo. This is after he showed the dossier, he asked for the private meeting with at that time President-elect Trump, showing him this salacious dossier, and then Jim Comey felt he had to go back in and memorialize what went on at that meeting. I don’t know why he’d have any reason to distrust at that stage. If I were President-elect Trump I would have been wondering why Jim Comey was showing me this. Was this a way to intimidate him? And I say this as someone who’s always had a good relationship with Jim Comey. But having said that, I was disturbed by his testimony the other day.”

Bartiromo, never one for sugar-coating the politically distasteful truth, responds, “Well, I think you’re right, I think one of the main headlines that came out of the testimony last week was the fact that Jim Comey was a leaker. He leaked data, property of the FBI, to the New York Times via that professor, that’s number one, that he’s a leaker.” The other headline, she says, “was that Loretta Lynch tried to obstruct the Hillary Clinton investigation, directing Comey to call it a matter.”

King says Lynch “obviously wanted to downplay” the investigation into Clinton, noting that they used the “same talking points as the Hillary Clinton campaign was using.” King labels that “a direct attempt to inject politics into what was a criminal investigation. And remember, Hillary Clinton was being investigated at that time. Donald Trump has never been investigated. And that’s another thing I would like to know, with everything that’s leaked out over the last several months, and probably 99% of the country thought that Donald Trump was being investigated, in fact, he was never under investigation.”

Congressman King expresses his frustration at being on the Intelligence Committee, knowing that Donald Trump was never the target of the investigation, “and yet nobody in the inside tried to clear that up. They let this whole impression develop that somehow Donald Trump was being investigated.”

Bartiromo injects more clarity, saying, “Just the opposite, they wanted that narrative to go and actually pushed it, pushed it forward. King agrees, saying, “Right, absolutely.” King says that he’s not sure if any laws were broken by the leaking to the New York Times, but says it’s certainly unseemly, chiding Comey to “You know, man up,” telling him, “Don’t hide behind somebody else and leak it out,” noting the questions it raises about similar activity while he was the FBI Director.

King adds that he wants to know how Comey explains having such a detailed account of a supposed 28 word conversation with President Trump but no record of the obstruction of justice that took place under Lynch in regards to her obstruction.”


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4 Comments on Rep King – TRUMP NEVER Under INVESTIGATION – Comey Refused To Call Off Media Dogs

  1. NEVER a thing about clinton, her lies etc., etc.! PORQUE? I’m sick of President Trump always being in the news negatively! Down with the media and the commie party!

  2. The “hits” keep coming as the evidence of collusion begins to “leak” out…not about Donald Trump and Russian interference in our elections…but about a clear case of collusion between James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, et. al, to shield Hillary Clinton from a multi-count federal indictment and prosecution.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // June 12, 2017 at 5:27 pm // Reply

    Bring Comey and Lynch and HildaBeast before a Grand Jury ASAP!

  4. TONYA PARNELL // June 12, 2017 at 2:34 pm // Reply

    The Entire Deep State DC Apparatchik Knew President Trump Was Not Under Investigation…

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