Rep KING Responds To Howard Dean “RACIST In The WHITE HOUSE” Remarks

peter king macallum

Martha MacCallum plays a clip of the former head of the DNC and political flamethrower Howard Dean, who recently stated on MSNBC, “If you want to vote for a racist in the White House, then you better vote for a Republican.”

She also played a clip of mental midget and current Deputy Chairman of the DNC, “Kaliphate Keith” Ellison, implying that President Trump is sympathetic to white supremacists. New York Republican Rep Peter King shakes his head as MacCallum repeats the words of dipstick Dean, describing them as “quite stunning.”

King responds, “It’s not just stunning, you know, it’s really disgraceful. They’re talking about someone trying to unify the nation and instead they’re using the most divisive type language, the most hysterical rhetoric and that’s totally out of bounds, it’s wrong, an politically I think it hurts them because I think that alienates the American people.”

He continues, “But I think also as Republicans we have to make it clear that we’re not going to give in to that type of rhetoric, we’re not going to panic. And it is important that we do achieve something as we get back into Washington in a few weeks. We have to show results, we have to get those results, and we have to find a way to work with the White House to get it done.”

King says he believes that it would be best to put healthcare aside for the time being, that it isn’t going anywhere and instead to “put some quick points on the board that are good for the people.” He suggests tax cuts, to not even bother with tax reform but to put into place tax cuts that would help middle income Americans and bring back money from overseas.

He includes giving “small businesses and corporations tax cuts, they can hire people and then people will see results.” He says they could then move on to infrastructure and challenge the Democrats to continue their stubborn opposition on that front.


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