Rep King – Border WALL Will Happen Shutdown or Not, TRUMP Will Stand Strong

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Congressman Steve King (R-IA) made an appearance on the Tucker Carlson program following President Trump’s speech in Phoenix, with the topic one he addressed in that speech, the construction of America’s southern border wall.

President Trump declared his willingness to stand firm in the face of a threatened government shutdown by Democrats if the funding is not provided. King agrees that is the right approach and supports the President in his effort.

Carlson notes that “almost nobody” in the DC Swamp supports a border wall although the country does. That’s probably due in large part to the fact that they are not patriots, they don’t have to live with the negative effects and many if not most are paid off by the big money beneficiaries of illegal immigration. He asks, “How are you going to get it done when so few here support it?”

King replies, “Well, I think that their lack of conviction that’s been demonstrated in the past will manifest itself in this little battle, Tucker, and I say that with a bit of sarcasm in my voice, but if you remember there was a government shutdown in 2013. It was over a principle of not funding the unconstitutional Obamacare legislation that was there and the ‘president’ [Obama] shut the country down. And he closed down our national monuments and made it as difficult as possible for the American people and eventually Congress caved in on a principle, a constitutional principle, I might add.”

“Well, this is a mandate that came from the American people. The mandate says ‘build the wall.’ The President said he’s going to build the wall. If he vetoes an appropriations bill because it lacks funding for the wall, $1.6 billion has been his ask, if he vetoes that Congress has to override the veto.  The votes won’t be there to override a Presidential veto and eventually this will get done.”

King says, “Another thing is the Democrats are ready to shut the government down if they don’t get a half a billion dollars in funding for Planned Parenthood. So whose principles are  stronger here, the Democrats wanting to fund the abortion that comes out of Planned Parenthood or the Republicans like me and the President who want to follow through on the mandate that came from the American people?”

“This will get done, the funding will come through,” says King. “I’m very confident of it and I say it out loud here because I believe it will come true. Carlson asks why the Republicans don’t force the left to explain why they’re against the wall.  King is kind in his response, saying he believes  many Republicans are just over-thinking it and because the opponents have been more vocal they’re buying into some of those arguments.” He’s not going to call them out as being bought off lobbyist call boys and girls – not yet, anyway.

He notes that the arguments that it’s too expensive aren’t serious, that there are $60 billion in transfer payments wired out of the US to locations south of the border, a lot of which is laundered drug money. He points out that “We build interstate highways across expensive Iowa cornfields for $4 million a mile, that pays for real estate and everything. We can build a wall cheaper than we can build an interstate and we need to do it and it will pay for itself, I believe, before we can even get it completed.”


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7 Comments on Rep King – Border WALL Will Happen Shutdown or Not, TRUMP Will Stand Strong

  1. I believe that Israel’s cost to build their fence was 1 million per mile. If we really wanted a wall we already have enough to do it like Israel did, and they are having about 98% success. Why do we need 10s of billions to do it?

  2. Denis Flaherty // August 24, 2017 at 11:59 pm // Reply

    The wall WILL happen…

  3. Iowa’s Rep. King is a man of the people. He cares about the lives that will be saved with the Wall. He cares about the President’s agenda. I only wish we had a few more like him.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // August 24, 2017 at 8:48 pm // Reply

    Steve King is one of the speakers at PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY’S EAGLE FORUM which starts the 21st of Dec. through 24th in St. Louis, Missouri. The false Eagle Forum is run by Phyllis’s youngest child, Ann Cori who is the black sheep of the family and has convinced other women on the board to go along with her, and she is running her own council meeting in DC. Her lead speaker is non other than Dominionist David Barton whose historical quotes of founders have been proven to be false and misleading by none other than Christian historical theologian, Dr. Warren Throckmorton.
    Of course, these women, including Ann Cori all supported Dominionist Cruz for president and sued her mother since Phyllis supported Trump.

    It’s a bad news deal all around and my never be settled, Ann was always against her mother, including the fact that she’s pro-abortion rather than pro-life. It’s a sad thing that Eagle Forum may be destroyed because of her, oh and by the way, she and her husband give big money yearly to the filthy Carnegie Foundation.

    • I was aware of some problems in the Eagle Forum but not sure exactly what was happening.

      Barton and Beck will be all in for Cruz, again, and it appears Cruz is starting to project himself for re-election and then a 2020 bid. IF Trump doesn’t follow through on his promises I think Cruz “the anointed one” could fool enough to pull off a win.

  5. Deplorable Doctor // August 24, 2017 at 7:50 pm // Reply

    Congressman Steve King (R-IA) is laying groundwork to become a future President & I’ll support him 100%.

  6. Weren’t these the same group of despicable Dems who wailed, moaned and wrung their hands over the claimed “disastrous” effects of a government shutdown when Sen. Ted Cruz filibustered against it a while back? And wasn’t it SENATOR Barack Obama who railed against raising the debt limit(calling it “irresponsible”), but routinely pushed FOR increases as POTUS…pushing his socialistic policies that doubled our national debt during his tenure?

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