Rep Jordan Strong Vs Ryan, Priebus Deception Of Trump, Attacks On Conservatives

jim jordan freedom caucus

jim jordan freedom caucus

Jake Tapper explains to his audience who the House Freedom Caucus is, from a liberal, fake news perspective, and why they have supposedly put President Trump into a position of having to “lick his wounds.”


Tapper doesn’t accurately depict the positive, long term benefit of not losing Congress or a 2020 reelection bid after having been saddled with ownership of Ryancare, to have been derisively renamed Trumpcare, a national fleecing and wealth redistribution through a shell game run by “Sideshow Ryan” and his shady sidekick Reince.

Those wounds would require more than a little licking to heal, had the Freedom Caucus not stood strong in the face of betrayal of the President by his Chief of Staff and the outright attack from the House Speaker.

While Tapper is correct to say that President Trump “is pinning the blame squarely upon the Freedom Caucus,” he’s doing so based upon what must be some distorted influences. Hopefully he’ll be able to recognize them as the establishment swamp vermin they are, be they GOP leadership, Democrats, deep state operatives or even liberal family members.

Tapper calls them “hardcore conservatives,” as if that is something other than the foundation this nation was built upon or as if they are to be associated with some sort of fringe element. He posted a tweet from President Trump which stated, “The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018.” That’s a striking statement since the Freedom Caucus is the philosophical core of  “the team.” Clearly some traitors have the President’s ear and have been quite convincing.


Jordan points out that “tweets and statements and blame don’t change facts and the facts remain the same.” He cites a long list of reasons why Ryancare failed and rightfully so, in particular a dismal 17% approval from the electorate. This is Ryan’s debacle, probably deliberately so, to weaken his adversary the President. It is not the result of thoughtless or misguided action on the part of the Freedom Caucus. Jordan suggests Congress start over, do it right this time and “Keep our promises with the American people.”

President Trump’s social media director, Dan Scavino, tweeted for one Congressman he’s targeting, Justin Amash of Michigan, to be defeated in 2018 and for a primary challenger to emerge. Asked for a response, Jordan says, “Justin Amash is a good friend and one of the most principled members of Congress.  And frankly, if he is primaried I’m going to do everything I can to help him. But what concerns me more than this threat of primaries is keeping our word with the American people.”

He expresses his disapproval of the Nancy Pelosi – John Boehner style way it was handled, saying, “Maybe instead of hiding the bill away, rolling it out four weeks ago,  having hearings where there are no witnesses who actually testify, where there are no amendments allowed to be offered, no amendments accepted, maybe we need to do the process right and maybe, if we do, we’ll develop a product that more than 17% of the country actually approves of.”


Amash replied to the Scavino attack by tweeting, “Trump admin and Establishment have merged into #trumpstablishment. Same old agenda: Attack conservatives,  libertarians, independent thinkers.”

Jordan refuses to take that bait but notes that Ryancare didn’t bring down premiums, it didn’t do what they promised the American people. It was a bad bill, one that would have crippled the President, who doesn’t yet seem to have realized how close he was to disaster.

One question not asked that should have been, “That chance the Freedom Caucus took in voting for Ryan as Speaker, when they knew his background and history, any second thoughts?”

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6 Comments on Rep Jordan Strong Vs Ryan, Priebus Deception Of Trump, Attacks On Conservatives

  1. Let’s all not forget Pence, who was all over this with Preibus and Ryan. Surely he was informing Trump about this disaster, and how it would destroy his administration. Not, Pence is the Brutus in this play.

    • Yes. A great way to state it… “Pence is the Brutus in this play”.

      When we go to sleep tonight, we should all use our REM time to dream up a list of those around Trump who can be trusted.

  2. Prior to the Bill’s withdrawal, Ryan repeatedly emphasized how deeply Trump was involved in working with congress to fashion it. Several times Ryan mentioned how Trump had rolled up his sleeves and dug into it deeply. What a crock! All Ryan was doing was transferring ownership of the Bill to Trump. Ryan and the health care community were simply producing a disguised version of obamacare that they knew would eventually be discovered as a bad bill and Trump would get the credit for it. This would help Ryan and his establishment friends take Trump out.

    Trump has been very involved in many other matters while Ryan has been peddling the bill to those (including Trump) who didn’t take time to actually look into it. Trump has been trusting Ryan to put it together in the form he and Ryan had discussed many times over. Ryan convinced Trump the bill was written as they had discussed and would be passed through the House with no problem. Unfortunately for Ryan, the folks on the conservative side (both inside and outside the House) spent some time examining the bill and found it had no resemblance to what Trump had promised during the campaign. The conservatives blew the whistle on Ryan’s scam and forced the withdrawal of the bill. That was good news for Trump and America. The problem is, Trump simply hasn’t been close enough to what has been happening and he has been receiving some very bad advice on it. Thus, he doesn’t realize he has been rescued by the conservatives.

    The conservatives, (both inside and outside the House), now have the unenviable task of communicating with Trump and convincing him of how he has been scammed by Ryan and others he has wrongly trusted with the administration. If this doesn’t happen successfully, Trump will lose his base and his Presidency will fail.

  3. Remove Ryan as Speaker. He is the problem.

  4. Deplorable Doctor // April 3, 2017 at 7:59 am // Reply

    Every wise American knows Paul Ryan MUST GO!

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