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Rep Jim Jordan encouraged his colleagues to vote in the affirmative on an amendment calling for the Justice Department to appoint a second Special Counsel to investigate the criminal syndicate that was the Obama regime, a vote which was passed out of committee along party lines.

He starts off by noting the effort of Loretta Lynch to provide cover for Hillary Clinton by instructing FBI Director Comey to call the investigation a “matter.” He asks, “Why would the Attorney General meet with the subject of the investigation’s husband three days before the subject of the investigation is to be interviewed by the FBI?”

He asks, “Why would that happen? Maybe because they wanted Clinton to win the election.” He asks why there isn’t an investigation into the Obama administration’s influence on our election to go along with the manufactured ones about Russia.

Jordan says, “Think about this, you had the Attorney General of the United States tell the FBI Director of the United States, ‘Go tell the American public something that is not true.’ And he did it. He did it willfully, he did it intentionally, he did it at the direction of the United States Attorney General.”

He reminds his colleagues that they are the Judiciary Committee, “charged with defending the Constitution, and we have a Justice Department that knowingly, intentionally, willfully misled the American public in the middle of a campaign? And we’re not going to ask for these documents and we’re not going to pass a resolution saying we need a special counsel? Are you kidding me?”

He tells more of the Comey corruption story that we are all familiar with, how he engineered and manipulated, with assistance from their buddy Rod Rosenstein, the appointment of his buddy Mueller to be the Russia, Russia, Russia special counsel.

Jordan addresses the existence of the two separate systems of justice, the one for the regular folks and another those named Comey, Lynch or Clinton. He says, “This is the Judiciary Committee, this is important stuff, this is fundamental stuff. This is exactly the kind of thing that we should be focused on, exactly the kind of resolution we should pass, exactly the kind of resolution calling for a special counsel that should pass this committee, with the letter and be supported by the full House of Representatives.”


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  1. Kelleigh Nelson // July 31, 2017 at 11:20 am // Reply

    Good for Jordan, let’s help him by calling our Senators and demanding same

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