Rep Jordan – America’s Tax Code Is Both Broken And Stupid, Reason They’re Trying To Fix It

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Suddenly, now that Hussein Obama and the criminals, at least those at the very top, have been removed from power, the leftist media wants problems fixed. After 8 years, lofty, empty promises are no longer enough. Fortunately, there’s a sizeable portion of Republicans who agree and have no use for empty rhetoric. Jim Jordan, on many issues, is one of those guys.

As the host demonstrates, Republicans will be required to fix the Democrat mess and reverse the downward spiral exacerbated by Hussein Obama. It’s good she wants the same thing out of our Representatives and our President that we do now. It’s just unfortunate that the media was willing to accept attacks on America and the American people and label them as productivity from the White House for the last eight years.

In discussing the broken tax system, MSNBC’s  leftist “news” reader, Stephanie Ruhle, asks in a somewhat agitated tone, “You know what IBM got last quarter? Not waiting for a response she answers her own question, “A credit – a nine percent credit.” She adds, “So as long as tax structures and specialists exist and corporations hire them, and we know they do, they ain’t never paying thirty-five percent.”

Somehow she believes things would be more fair without a tax structure and that receiving a 9% credit is a flat tax – she’s a liberal, after all. She probably doesn’t understand much of what Rep Jordan is telling her in his foreign language of reasoned opinions and beliefs, aka conservatism.

He tries to sort things out for her, saying, “Understand where we are right now. On the personal side, any tax code that says that half of the population, you don’t have to participate in the main tax is broken.  Any tax code on the corporate side which says to American corporations, ‘You’re going to pay the highest rate in the world’ is stupid.”

Jordan says, “So if you have a tax code that’s both broken and stupid, you might want to change it, right? So that’s what this seeks to do. Certainly we’ve got to get rid of the exemptions, deductions and credits, all of that complicated stuff in the code. Let’s lower the rate. Let’s make it simpler, flatter, fairer on the personal side as well. That’s what the American people want and frankly, back to our point again, this is something we campaigned on and told them we were going to do.”

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12 Comments on Rep Jordan – America’s Tax Code Is Both Broken And Stupid, Reason They’re Trying To Fix It

  1. With continuing budget deal it looks like the Ds are wining again. The uni-party seems to be guaranteeing progressive rule. After what they are doing I can’t be very enthusiastic about tax for the populist crowd.

    The few bananas we’ve been thrown are good, but redistribution seems to be the name of the game, and 3rd world miscreants, illegals, will be treated with heart.

  2. Jordan a typical politician, uses the same talking points every time he’s on the tube, “it’s what they elected us to do”. But it never gets done. The uniparty doesn’t want change. It took them 30 or 40 yrs. to reach their goal of Communism. It’s why they fight President Trump so they can keep the status quo.

    • And I haven’t forgotten when he and the rest of the freedom caucus put this snake ryan into position when all they had to do was say no, but they told us they believed he was something other than what he’s always been and what the rest of us knew he was. Remember his stunt with Chaffetz in calling for the impeachment of Koskinen at the IRS – that certainly was exactly what I called it to be, a diversion from whatever else was going on, don’t have time to look it up now, but yeah, he’s a politician, you’re absolutely right, looks like they all are.

      • I believe Chaffetz is complicit in the cover up of Extortion 17. The shoot down of the helicopter in Afghanistan. If you’re unfamiliar, Larry Klayman has a good write up at Freedom Watch. Not seeking re-election, may not finish his term and then goes missing with his “injury”. Typical hack politician.

        • Yeah, tahoe98, I’m familiar with it, wrote it up actually but not sure how many folks saw it as some days facebook has me strangled and other days I’m just dead. Freedom of speech is dead in America and dying around the world. btw, i was an incline village resident for a couple of years, 78 and 79, but maybe your username is from your vehicle? lol for what it’s worth, and thanks for reading my stuff.

          • tahoe98 // May 4, 2017 at 11:16 am //

            Good guess. I’m not familiar with incline village. I don’t do Fascistbook. I found your site at the height of Pizzagate. I read your site daily but just started commenting. Sorry but I don’t recall your post on Extortion 17, glad you posted it. It needs more exposure. It would help the Pres. drain the swamp.

          • It’s the north shore of lake tahoe, nevada side – a super place to live, I was crazy to leave – glad you found me, and decided to comment.

  3. When there will not be any more alligators in Florida, the tax code will be just.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // May 2, 2017 at 10:39 am // Reply

    Sorry, but removing the credit for interest on home loans is stupid for young marrieds buying their first homes. As well, these criminals in DC have taken nearly all the deductions from us over the past 40 years. I’m so damned sick and tired of your twisted b.s. I want to scream. Oh yeah, the tax code is this and it’s that and it’s not “fair.” Well, what the hell is fair about the “earned income tax credit?” Huh? It’s WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION! No one will bring themselves up if they’re given everything free. This system bleeds the middle class dry, and of course that’s the aim of these traitorous shills in DC. God but I’m sick of all of them

    • That’s great for them, Kelleigh, but someone pays for them to get relief and everyone thinks their situation is special – why should I pay more so they can buy a house, if they can’t afford it this year, rent for another year or two, get a second job – I work long days every day, but it’s not to support someone who takes weekends off to go play golf, my point being they need to be responsible, and i agree there’s plenty of corruption, that’s the point jordan was making – cut it all, and don’t get me started on Mexican illegals getting refunds when they shouldn’t be working here in the first place – eliminate the whole sordid mess, in my book

      • Kelleigh Nelson // May 2, 2017 at 8:26 pm // Reply

        I agree. I’m just so tired of having money taken from us, yes we’ve worked hard and long all our lives … and given to these slobs who drive nice cars, have tattoos all over their bodies, have the latest in cell phones, and buy junk food every time they go in the store. Here we are struggling with everything. It is infuriating and this filthy traitorous congress wants to do more of it, along with the governor’s of every state, and the local councils and commissions. One day these basturds will answer.

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