Rep Hunter – Trump Facing Seditious People Who Don’t Like Him, Want To Take Him Down

duncan hunter


Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) believe that Trump administration is being forced to deal with “seditious people within the Department of Justice, within the FBI, within the Department of Interior, within the CIA, they’re just people that don’t approve of the Trump presidency and I think that they’re trying to take him down from the inside.”

Hunter note that while it sounds conspiratorial, “President Trump hasn’t just had his phone calls leaked,  he’s had his phone calls intercepted, now, I think he’s probably right about that. The CIA thing is scary for one big reason for me, that’s not on US citizens, that’s on our enemies across the world. That’s how we find out what they’re going to do and we stop them before something bad happens here. That’s probably one of the main reasons that bad stuff hasn’t happened here.”

“However,” says Hunter, “I would also like to see all of our stuff here, meaning our electronics, our Samsung TVs, our iPhones, BlackBerrys, Samsungs. I would like to see them secure so that our own government can’t spy on us. Because now, with everything connected, we’re probably less free than and more tied into the big data system than we’ve ever been in this country.”

He says, “I mean, this is Orwellian and there’s no way to get away from that unless these technology providers that we buy all of our stuff from, are able to secure their phones. Not just against our own government and FBI but against foreign governments too. Because if the CIA can do it, the Russians can do it.”

Hemmer asks Rep Hunter why he thinks it’s happening. Hunter’s answer is straightforward, saying, “I think you have people within the government, what you call the deep state, bureaucrats, Obama appointees that hate Donald Trump. It’s that simple.”

Hemmer reminds him of the Schumer comment from two months ago when he said “You mess with the intelligence community they’re going to hit you six ways from Sunday.” Hunter replies, “Yeah, and Trump’s going through that. And I also think it has to do with his brand of politics. People don’t like him, you had eight years of Obama.”

He says, “You have a lot of people now that are in government that are Obama people. They simply hate Trump. I don’t know why they hate him. You can see the people outside when they protest with their signs, their anger. You know, people in Berkeley rioting and throwing Molotov cocktails, I don’t know what is triggering everybody but they hate Trump. And you have people in the government that are doing it.”

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