Rep DeSantis – Fire All NSC Obama Holdovers, Go After Comey, Ben Rhodes

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Congressman Ron DeSantis joins Hugh Hewitt for an overview of where he stands on some key issues and has some new information that he shares on the Russia, Russia, Russia snipe hunt and other peripheral developments.

He points to a recent interview with Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon, from which Hewitt references comments by DeSantis.” He notes statements that “James Comey must be investigated by the DOJ, that his memos of his conversations with President Trump need to be subpoenaed, that former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes needs to be investigated, and that every remaining holdover from the Obama years needs at the NSC should be fired.”

Hewitt says, “That’s a lot for one interview, Congressman. What triggered that?” DeSantis points to the weaponized leaking by Comey against a sitting President, which included his probable disclosure of classified information. He’s concerned not just with Comey but with the tsunami of leaks since President Trump took office, saying, “It’s not just people leaking because they think something is wrong with the government and they want some sunlight.”

Hewitt raises an issue many of us at home are hoping someone would address,  asking “Is Attorney General Sessions, in your opinion, doing enough or is the Russia recusal that he entered into handcuffing him as he does this investigation of leaks?”

“We don’t know that he’s doing enough,” replies DeSantis, “So I’ve prepared a letter, we’re going to be sending that next week, I imagine I’ll have a number of my colleagues joining it, asking the Justice Department to look into all of these things but then report back to us whether they are doing it or not.” DeSantis makes the point that some of the intelligence authorities are coming up for review this year and that abuse is a very real potential impediment to their being renewed.

Hewitt asks if DeSantis is pressuring Oversight Committee Chairman Gowdy to subpoena the Comey memos. He reminds Hewitt Gowdy’s predecessor, Rep Jason Chaffetz, immediately questioned Comey on the memos following his Senate testimony and found him to be “very standoffish.” Noting that Chaffetz wasn’t successful in getting those memos, DeSantis says he would support Gowdy in efforts to obtain them if he chose to do so.

DeSantis disapproves of the taking of notes of private conversations with the President being put out for public consumption as Comey did, asking, “Could you imagine if the run-of-the-mill FBI agent is taking notes with what they’re doing and they just decide to start leaking notes about investigations to the press? There’s no way the FBI would ever tolerate their line agents doing that, so I do have a problem with it.”

DeSantis is asked about former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, with him pointing out that they’ve narrowed the potential leakers and identified an Obama holdover working with Rhodes as “a place we’ve been encouraged to look.”

He’s asked if he’s going to call Rhodes to testify and makes an interesting revelation, that he’s talked to Chairman Gowdy about it but reminds Hewitt that “they are doing things on the intelligence committee and they are doing a lot more than what the press knows in terms of some of the people that they have brought in. They’ve brought in some pretty big names that I’m not authorized to say. So I want to defer to his judgment about whether that be more appropriate in terms of the leak investigation that they’re doing on the intelligence committee.

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2 Comments on Rep DeSantis – Fire All NSC Obama Holdovers, Go After Comey, Ben Rhodes

  1. DeSantis at least sounds like he’s trying to get the truth. I hope there are at least one or two others working alongside him. And I believe DeSantis is on the side of the American people. And it’s nice to hear they are getting things done that are not getting leaked to the press. But there are too many crooks to go after! What chance does he have?

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // July 18, 2017 at 8:38 pm // Reply

    About time someone in “power” said the same thing we’re saying. Fire the turds, enough already. I love Sessions, but it’s time for him to get tough and it’s late in the game already. Dump their asses, and tell Rosenstein to tell Mueller he’s not needed, and then when that bunch of Clinton trash is unloaded, fire Rosenstein and clean house. For God’s sake, we can see this, why can’t they

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