Rep Clyburn – Congress Should Use “Blazing Saddles” Model With Obamacare


Democrat cheerleader Andrea Mitchell took note of one of the rare times that Hussein Obama lowered himself to visit Congress, this time in support of what he considers an accomplishment and something other than his skin color that a legacy can be built upon, Obamacare.

She sets her questions by saying, “‘president’ Obama was here pleading with you all to energize the troops, get the people out there the way the Tea Party rebellion sparked the fight against Obamacare in ’09 for the Republicans. She asks Rep James Clyburn, (D-SC), “Do you see any evidence that you Democrats can get together after all of these defeats at the polls?”

Clyburn says, “There’s a lot of evidence that we can,” choosing to cite none of it, “the question is ‘do we have the will to do that?'” He goes on to say, “Democrats are a little different animals, for some reason we do not like confrontational politics.” As one of those who led the sit-in on the House floor for gun control in June, tweeting at the time, “We will #holdthefloor until we get votes on #NoFlyNoBuy, Universal Background Checks, and Gun Violence Research. #NoBillNoBreak,” his words are laughable.

They come one day after the NAACP staged a sit-in in Senator Jeff Sessions’ office demanding ultimately to be arrested as the only way to get them to leave. That’s not very non-confrontational Clyburn, but you just keep saying whatever advances the agenda, that’s what lying Democrats do, the truth is not part of your politics. They’re different animals from the rest of the human population in that regard so his statement wasn’t entirely false.

In spreading his lie Clyburn quotes an anonymous writer at the New York Times as depicting Democrats as going into fights armed with knives while the other side has guns. He says, “We’re going to have to come out of the box with blazing guns.” He notes, “There was a movie or something called ‘Blazing Saddles,’ we going to have to do that if we want to see the [Obamacare] preserved.”

It’s laughable that this buffoon would incorporate the Mel Brooks classic starring Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little into his comments, given the nature of the often race-based subject matter, full of racist innuendos and jokes. That was a time back when Hollywood and the PC elite still allowed itself and Americans to laugh at each other without getting offended. The “N” word is interspersed throughout Blazing Saddles, Rep Clyburn, but you can adopt those tactics if you like. Just pretend you’re watching a rap video. Only white folks can be racists anyway.

It’s also a laughable choice of language, given he was supposedly so “sincerely” touched by the topic of “gun violence” that Democrats were willing to have a public tantrum about not getting their way in front of the world. Clyburn even went so far as to lead a publicity prayer, “remembering the victims of gun violence who lost their lives ‘because of our refusal to speak up, stand up, and support just laws that could ensure the safety and security for our fellow humans.’”

Just in case anyone had any doubts about Clyburn’s intellect or skill with the English language, he went on to call repealing Obamacare a “pig in a pork.” The guy who helped Nancy Pelosi hide the bill until it was approved and who forced it upon the American people then informs his comrade Mitchell that the American people are not suckers and they won’t allow the Republicans to play them as such. These Democrats are a different animal, for sure. Animals aren’t normally capable of lying hypocrisy. Democrats are incapable of anything else.

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