Rep CLARKE Blocks Camera – RUNS, HIDES When Asked About Pakistani SPY Aide

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Rep Yvette Clarke (D-NY) doesn’t want to talk about the very real threat to national security and the damage she helped inflict upon our nation. She’s got more important things to deal with, racist attacks on white people, hiding the Democrat racist past and saving Americans from being attacked by statues.

Those inanimate objects could spring to life at any moment and then what would we do? She’s very detailed in expressing her plan to introduce a bill to, as a supporter’s sign says, “take down these hateful, hurtful monuments to slavery,” and how she plans to use regular order to advance it.

The Democrat guilt elimination bill is doing nothing to address a threat to our country beyond the one she and her fellow Democrats have created by fomenting racial tensions for political gains. They could just stop stirring the pot, the only real way to stop it, but that doesn’t help their party take power, it doesn’t vilify their political opponents.

It also eliminates the distraction from the very real complicity that Clarke and over two dozen of her Democrat colleagues in the House have in a spy ring in which United States secrets and computer equipment were stolen by their overpaid contractors.

Clarke is asked about that by the Daily Caller as she comes around peddling her racist statue bill. Suddenly Clarke’s on a tight schedule, with no time to talk. She’s asked, ‘Imran Iwan, why’d you fire him before the Capitol Hill police started an investigation on him?”

She replies, “We’re here to talk about the monuments today. If you want to know more information about that, please reach out to my office.”  She then turns away and puts her hand up to block the camera, completely ignoring the reporter who isn’t willing to take “no comment”  for an answer.

The reporter attempts to shout a question to Clarke saying, “Imran Awan’s lawyer says your chief of staff stole…Imran Awan’s lawyer is saying…your chief of staff…” as her human shields come to the rescue, putting themselves between the crooked politician caught with her hand in the espionage and pilferage cookie jar and the questions of the real American media that wants real answers.

She can run for now, and she does, but she’s not going to be able to hide for much longer. Stunts like this only make the questions louder and her complicity, the appearance that she has something she’s desperately trying to keep the lid on, that much more obvious.

Clarke switched chiefs of staff at about the same time $120,000 in computer equipment losses was written off by her office. There’s also the espionage, the stealing of government secrets which the Democrats enabled through the Pakistani spy ring’s full and complete access to the House computer system, including classified information. It’s not surprising she wants to attack the harmless statues as a diversion. That doesn’t hide the truth. The statues aren’t a threat, she and her corrupt Democrat Party are.


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