Rep Bass Blames Trump For Racial Tensions Obama Holder Clinton Fomented

karen bass


For those who couldn’t possibly care less about anything in anti-American Congresswoman Karen Bass’s personal life, including which Los Angeles NBA team she prefers, the substance of her endorsement of lawlessness begins at approximately the :09 point of the video. The boot-licking little interviewer says, “You have held several town halls about the President’s policies, I imagine immigration is an issue of concern for your constituents, my fellow Los Angelenos as well. Are you satisfied with the amount of information that you’re being provided to you [sic] by ICE on the President’s enforcement and deportation priorities?”

Bass says she isn’t, that they haven’t been specific. Of course, as a lawmaker she could simply read the law, if she can figure it out, and that would offer her some insight. She says she’s frightened by the policies “that the President just released yesterday, because although he is talking about just prioritizing ‘undocumented’ folks who have ‘committed crimes,’ if you read the documents that he has released, it actually is so general that I think that it reinforces one of his campaign pledges, which was essentially to have a massive deportation force and deporting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people.”

She continues, “The way those regulations read, they’re way too broad.” Of course they fall within the context of the law as it’s written, so she’s saying the law is too broad as well. It doesn’t carve out protected classes of illegals, true enough. That type of lawbreaking was a practice of the criminal Obama regime that she shouldn’t expect to appear anywhere within the Trump administration.

The reporter breaches the topic of government endorsed black supremacy, noting that President Trump made a courtesy visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture yesterday. He asks Bass, as the second vice-chair of the racist advocacy group, the Congressional Black Caucus, when President Trump is going to visit with and apply his passive approval to the CBC. He also inquires as to her opinion of his trip to the Museum.

Bass replied that the meeting has not yet been scheduled but that she “thought it was incredibly ironic that when the reporter asked the President why does he think, you know, racial difficulties still existed in our country, he was very vague and he said, well you know he really doesn’t know, sometimes it just explodes.” He probably didn’t want to point the finger at the agitation of Hussein Obama and George Soros at that particular time, Rep Bass, as a courtesy.

She ignores the three year effort of her Democrat Party and its leadership, particularly Hussein Obama and the two Attorneys General, in creating dissent and public unrest along racial lines. She then targets Attorney General Sessions, continuing with the fake-news smear attacks, as being a racist. It’s been proven to be nothing but Democrat lies but that is not incentive for them to stop repeating them. She says Democrats don’t know if the DOJ will enforce voting rights, which means extra, untraceable votes for blacks and illegals. She attacks President Trump for trying to provide better education and healthcare for all Americans, including and particularly black Americans, free of forced residence on the Democrat plantation and subsidizing the teachers union.

She says that President Trump doesn’t take responsibility for his own contribution to racial strife, calling him the leader of the birther movement. Obama, Holder and Clinton caused the racial strife to help win the last election. And the reasons why the birther movement was significant is because the last pretend president was a foreigner who hid his past. Trump was not a leader of that movement, it was Phillip Berg, Joe Arpaio and Orly Taitz. Trump did try to get the truth exposed to the American people through the illegitimate media, one of his few failures and an early indication of their corruption.

She also supports the Muslim racist, Keith Ellison, for the DNC chairmanship. That’s a great choice that Trump actually tweeted his support for. There’s nothing like a terrorist sympathizing leftist running the party of the destruction of America to help solidify a GOP victory in 2020.

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