Renew Push To Exit UN In Wake Of Obama Kerry Sneak Attack On Israel

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The departure of the United Nations from US soil and our removal of the foreign entanglements that it represents and which we largely fund is an appealing idea that has been around as long as the organization has existed, in the aftermath of World War 2. Some have argued World War 2 was started in part to provide world bankers and with a pretext upon which to build and impose their world government body, to “make sure another world war ever took place.” There certainly are many connections leading in that direction, including the donation of the site of their headquarters by John D Rockefeller. The John Birch Society has been targeted for elimination throughout its existence for supporting American sovereignty over UN subjugation. One former Congressman, Larry McDonald of Georgia, a Birch Society President, may even have been killed aboard KE 007 in 1983 due to his UN opposition.

Now, with the current uproar over the abuse of power by the UN and the Obama jihadists in attacking Israel and declaring that nation an international outlaw while supporting terrorism, the time has come for many to make a push for the United States to free ourselves. We can rid our nation of association with this corrupt global government that seeks and was created so that a few rich people could use our resources and prestige and those of other wealthy nations as their own and rule the world. All we have to do is do it.

Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam reminded readers on Wednesday of a bill sponsored by Republican Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama, in March of 2015, “the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015.” That bill called for the United States to discontinue its membership in the United Nations and severed all ties and obligations under that organization. All of that money that is going to fund the self-righteous, self-aggrandizing bureaucrats would be available to be spent on actual solutions, instead. The traffic jams that result from having so many pampered and important people concentrated so close to “insignificant American commoners” would disappear as well. The globalists would be stuck searching for new methods, perhaps new wars, with which to extend their control over unsuspecting nations. Had it passed at the time it would be taking effect two month after the inauguration of our next president, in March of 2017.

In his June 2015 comments to his constituents in support of the act, Rep Rogers named a few of the recent attacks on American sovereignty emanating from the UN, including the Law of the Sea Treaty, which would subject our country to internationally-based environmental mandates, a potential Arms Trade Treaty which would threaten our Second Amendment rights and impose regulations on our gun manufacturers, and the U.N. does not support Israel and voted to grant the Palestinian Authority “non-member state” permanent observer status. 

 He closed his comments with the statement that “Anyone who is not a friend to our ally Israel, is not a friend to the United States.” That absence of friendship was unmistakably demonstrated by the Obama regime and his freakish minions, John Kerry and Samantha Power last Friday with the abstention that was actually an endorsement on UN resolution 2334.

Americans know what the UN is, what we don’t understand is why we’re still defiling ourselves with UN membership. As our national best interests return to the forefront of American policy under a Trump administration, the time would seem ripe to revisit Rep Rogers’ bill and sever ties with this corrupt, anti-American organization.

Mr. Trump said in response to the attack by Obama, Kerry, Rhodes and Power upon Israel that things will be changing, tweeting, “As to the U.N., things will be different after Jan. 20th.”  The US freeing of ourselves from their destructive shackles would be different and would be in keeping with national sentiment within the United States and across the developed world that the UN is a failure and it’s time it was scrapped. Mr. Trump understands the very limited value of the UN; the time may have arrived for their permanent departure.

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