Is Reince Priebus An Establishment Globalist Mole Inside Trump Inner Circle?

still preibus


Evidence seems to suggest that a security breach of the most bizarre kind has occurred within the Trump inner circle. If so, it resulted in terrorists being tipped off of a strike against al-Qaeda in Yemen by SEAL Team 6 in advance of the raid. As a result, one American is dead and two injured, 23 Yemeni civilians were killed and an Osprey aircraft was destroyed.

Bill Still notes that when he first heard the news, there was one person who he immediately suspected of violating the secrecy of the mission, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Still notes that while Priebus was studying for his law degree at the University of Miami, he did some part-time work as an intern at the NAACP legal defense fund in California.

Having possibly demonstrated his lefty credentials in that position, Still continues to lay out why he’s concerned that Priebus might be the leak or worse, an establishment mole. He describes Priebus as working to bring the Wisconsin Tea Party into line with the establishment in his home state.

Still tracks the Priebus record of less than hearty endorsements of President Trump, and acknowledging that, although he did play a role in preventing “the Never Trumpers from running a third party candidate in mid-May of last year,” his history of criticizing Trump is enough to cause him serious doubt as to who’s side Priebus is on. He cites a stern 40-minute Priebus lecture about comments he had made that Trump was forced to endure during the campaign, as at that point he needed Priebus.”

He lists incidences where President Trump was criticized by Priebus for his statements and positions, even going so far as to encourage Trump to get out of the race three months after he had already sealed the nomination, with the Billy Bush bus tapes being the supposed eliminator at the time. Still admits he was shocked when Priebus was announced as the White House Chief of Staff.

Still believes Priebus is a RINO loyal to the globalist wing of the Republican Party, those who have been purchased by George Soros. He names names, including the infamous John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney and Priebus pal Paul Ryan. He gets further into how Trump may be playing with fire by including globalists in his administration and, while Priebus may not be the actual source of the leak, it came from somewhere. That’s where Still says he’d begin the search for the responsible party.

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