Reid Calls “Trump World” Bigoted, Not Even Trying To Hide Her Racism

ellison reid


Being a black racist host on some networks is tougher than others. On MSNBC it carries with it certain freedoms which water buffalo Joy Reid finds important. She doesn’t have to even put up the slightest pretext that she’s not a racist, anti-white, Donald Trump-hating terrorist sympathizer. She makes that point vividly clear in an interview with Muslim Black racist and Minnesota Congressman, Keith Ellison. Ellison is campaigning to be the next head of the DNC.

Ellison tells Reid why he’s a better choice than Obama’s labor secretary, Tom Perez, to run the globalist communist party DNC franchise, noting that he’s got the “electoral success” that Democrats are going to need to pull themselves up from their current morass in the aftermath of eight years of Obama.

He uses his hood language to explain why there are no Republicans statewide in Minnesota. It’s because he “jacks up the vote,” and probably also because Obama floods the state with Muslims from Somalia and elsewhere that vote for him. He claims that his district is over 60 percent white, although he doesn’t get the majority of their vote, surely. 100 percent of the Islamic black vote means he only needs a small fraction of whites, if any, to get the victory. He also touts his money-raising prowess, having given over a million to his state party, sounding as if he considers it his own cash.

The racist witch Reid can’t contain herself any longer at that point, saying, “You’ve managed to do that while being two things in the crosshairs of Trump world, being black and being Muslim. Since you’re so anxious to make racist, derisive comments, you ignorant swollen black toad, how long has Mr. Trump been in the national political arena? Since 2015? And, if you were paying attention, if you weren’t distracted by a passing fly, Ellison stated he’s ran eight times, which means he’s been in his job for fourteen years, starting his 8th term.

He’s been black that entire time, an indicator that Mr. Trump had nothing to do with his political career whatsoever. Have you never heard of the Congressional Black Caucus? It’s an organization of racist members of Congress, all of them black as well, many of them also with more time in office than Mr. Trump has been campaigning. Do they have his crosshairs on them as well? How about the white folks, do they have NAACP or BLM crosshairs on them?

As for his being Muslim, Trump is not putting anyone in any crosshairs. They are putting themselves there by murdering innocent people. Thank God he’s willing to stand up in the face of agenda-driven trash such as you, Ms. Reid, and try to fix the mess your jihadist half-white pretend ‘president’ has made by importing people who don’t belong here from terrorist countries.

She continues the disgusting sycophantic slobber-fest, unable to agree fast enough, with one head nod following a “sure,” one after the other. Ellison’s got all the qualifications he needs for the job, he’s black and Muslim. It’s like Obama or Clinton being considered a female.

Ellison meets the litmus tests of skin color and terrorist sympathizer, Islamic advocate – it’s she’s tingling all over; there goes her left ham hock.

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