Red Arnie – Trump Hates Kids So He’s Stealing “Their” $1.2 Billion In Welfare, Snacks

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Getting political advice and inspiration from Hollywood is a dicey proposition. If your source is a bad actor who has made a career out of being marginally understandable when he speaks, three word catch phrases and steroid-fed muscles is your source, it’s idiotic.

That actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a liberal masquerading as a Republican and giving a typical poor performance in that role, has a vendetta against President Trump after he was humiliated by not being able to emulate Donald Trump’s success on The Apprentice. Now he’s made it his mission to attempt to equal him politically, or at least to damage him.

Schwarzenegger is a tax and spend liberal who doesn’t understand the concept of limited financial resources or spending into insolvency. He, like the rest of libtard America, thinks the last eight years were awesome and we should just borrow and print more money to continue them in perpetuity.

Schwarzenegger asked in a speech in the northern Mexico city of Los Angeles, “Why does the President of the United States cut after school programs and cut from the kids out of their budget $1.2 billion dollars?” The correct questions would be why is that $1.2 billion in wealth redistributive welfare there in the first place and why wasn’t it cut out long ago?

Arnold the lib said, “President Trump promised us that he wants to make America great again. That’s not how you make America great, by taking $1.2 billion away from the children and robbing them blind.” It’s better to take their futures away, borrow ourselves out of existence, feed inflation and kill their only hope at a the American dream, fiscal responsibility and correction. It’s better to not try to save the nation, let it die, but require Americans to pay for other people’s day care along the way.

Schwarzenegger is clearly there for the explicit purpose of Trump bashing, as he asks, “Why would he do that, why would he want to balance the budget on the backs of those kids? So, the Hollywood hypocrite does understand that it’s a matter of budgetary necessity, he’s just being his usual dishonest self to make President Trump look bad and serve his own globalist comrades. He’s only “bad acting” like he’s stupid.

As if these kids are going to die without our money going to their parents for daycare and other handouts that they should be paying themselves, Schwarzenegger says, “KIds are our most vulnerable citizens.” Actually, that’s not true; the most vulnerable are the producers who are being robbed at will by communist libtards like this illiterate behind the lectern.

In an flash of brilliance, Schwarzenegger observes, “Kids are our future, we need them.” Calm down, Commie Arnie, they’re not being fed to the lions. They’re just being told to go home and get something out of their own refrigerator instead of the taxpayer buffet, play with the neighborhood kids instead of extending school hours, and to do their homework at home like kids always have, at home.

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4 Comments on Red Arnie – Trump Hates Kids So He’s Stealing “Their” $1.2 Billion In Welfare, Snacks

  1. Debra Prisk // April 7, 2017 at 12:37 pm // Reply

    Maybe these Welfare Whores shouldn’t keep reproducing unless they can feed their own kids. Like in the old days…huh, Arnie?

  2. Maybe he should dig into his pocket and pay to keep the program going if he thinks its so important.

  3. If any politician listens to Arnold, this country will be finished! He is a toss between a democrat and a Socialist. Socialism does not work. It has been proven many times over. This “new age Democratic Party” will never work, either. Obama has proven that! After 8 years of Obama, I promise you every American is now living in a financial “bubble” that is about to pop. How can you take away from children? It should have been taken out of the equation long ago. This is not something that should be taken advantage of. It should be something that is used to help one’s family out for a short time. Much like Welfare. It should not be something that is a generation after generation thing. Welfare was not intended this way. the state of California is in a horrible financial state right now because of hand-outs for every kind of hand-out there is! I have worked for everything I have. I have scratched and clawed more times than I want to think about. My dad taught me that nothing in life is free and I feel the same way. You work for it or you do without until you can save for it. Those that can work need to work! Those that cannot work, they need help from our government. We have so damned many homeless veterans in this country that do not get the help that they need. However, open up America to immigrants that hate Americans and America or those that will not assimilate into American culture but leave homeless veterans hanging out to dry? There is a problem here. The “refugees” that have come here receive more money per month than 80% of Americans. A family of 4 gets close to $7,000.00 per month! I do not know how long this free money is received but longer than 1 year is far, far to long! Those of you that are “all in” on this “Refugee Resettlement Program” might just as well bend over and take one for the Gipper. Our government has gone straight into the crapper in the last 6 or 7 years and you cannot blame Trump for this nasty mess Obama left America.

  4. idiot

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