Rand Paul – We Can’t Live In Fear Of Intel Community, Able To Blackmail Officials

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Senator Rand Paul has long been a proponent of corralling the runaway surveillance by intelligence agencies and was the first to state publicly that he had been told by people in a position to know that had also been surveilled and unmasked by Susan Rice. There’s nothing that Paul has, he says, in his course of events that would have provided Rice with a legitimate reason to unmask him, let alone to surveil him. The only possible reason is the collection of information for use politically.

Since Senator Paul made his announcement, friend of the left and also a GOP presidential candidate in 2016, Senator Lindsey Graham has also made a similar assertion publicly. Senator Paul says his level of concern has been increasing, and that he’s sent several letters, to both the Senate and House Intelligence committees, as well as to the White House asking if political figures, presidential candidates unmasked by the Obama regime.”

Paul says, ” If the Obama administration used intelligence for political purposes, this is a really, really serious abuse of power and must be investigated. There are rumors swirling about Susan Rice, there are rumors swirling now about Samantha Power, so we need to know, were they actually looking into people’s phone calls for political purposes. If that happened, we have to do something about [it]. We cannot live in fear of our own intelligence community.”

Brian Kilmeade notes how “Susan Rice has been so out front, and did a Sunday show, this Sunday. If she wants to continue to say ‘I won’t come in front of Congress,’ that’s not going to stand. If she’s going to speak publicly why not to you guys?” Paul responds, “Yeah, that is a real question.”

He continues, “But the other thing about this is careful logs, I am told, are kept of all of this. So if Susan Rice unmasked anybody we should have a record of it. But it goes beyond even the top echelon. You know we had an NSA security analyst, a low level analyst recently caught revealing documents. And we just can’t have everybody in the intelligence community, they have such power to suck up every bit of every transmission, every communication we ever make, we can’t just have them willy-nilly releasing that to the public.”

So General Flynn’s conversation was released, that may not have been up at Susan Rice. She may have unmasked them, but it may have well been analysts down lower. All of them have to be found and I guarantee you there’s a computer or a paper trail of who released these documents and who released these conversations.

Kilmeade points to Reality Winner, the 25-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter who hates  trump and was arrested over the weekend for espionage as an example, asking, “Should there be massive polygraphs of all of these private contractors?” Paul says, “Something has to be done and that’s one option.  I can say that what really concerns me is when Chuck Schumer, who’s one of the people who get intelligence. There’s only eight people in Congress that really know even a tenth of what’s going on, when Chuck Schumer said that President Trump needs to be worried, that the CIA can get him six ways to Sunday, that is alarming, because Chuck Schumer is one of the eight Congressmen or Senators that’s privileged to know at least a small amount of what’s going on in our intelligence community.”

Senator Paul stresses, “We cannot live in fear of our own intelligence community. So yes, absolutely, from top to bottom we need a reform and we need to go in and say the American people need to have oversight of this. Because we cannot let them listen to legislators phone calls, we can’t let them listen to the President’s phone calls and blackmail the President.  Something has to change.”  

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  1. Joke for today; “the Obama administration used intelligence for political purposes”,
    every one knows not to use “intelligence” and “Obama” in the same sentence.

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