Rand Paul – Russia Not The Reason 70% Coal Miners Supported Trump

rand paul


Clinton and Obama propagandist George Stephanopoulos interviewed Senator Rand Paul on his Sunday Program and questioned the President-elect’s view that the politically motivated accusations that the Russian government worked to help Donald Trump win the White House were ridiculous. The notion that they were working against Hillary Clinton makes sense to a limited degree, as they would face a war-mongering puppet of the military industrial complex as a global adversary had she been victorious.

Stephanopoulos makes the false assertion that “all 17 intelligence agencies” determined that “Russia was trying to get involved,” an claim disputed in the original Washington Post article. Senator Paul says, “I think we need to get to the bottom of it and I think there should be an investigation because in order to defend ourselves against other adversarial countries we do have to protect our information.”

Paul says, “But one of the things that came out of the campaign as I recall was, a high-ranking Clinton official, I believe (John Podesta, Campaign Chairman) sent their password via email. We also need to learn how to protect our own information and I think that’s important as well.”

He notes, “But I will tell you, though, Donald Trump got 70% in Eastern Kentucky and I don’t think it had anything to do with the Russians. He got 70% percent because in Eastern Kentucky we didn’t like what ‘president’ Obama or Hillary Clinton wanted to do to our coal jobs. But it didn’t have anything to do with the Russians.”

Stephanopoulos asserts that they (assuming the intelligence agencies) weren’t making the claim that it impacted the outcome of the election, however they did assign a motive to the perpetrators of being desirous of a Trump victory. That’s something they described in their assessment that can, barring a confession or other smoking gun evidence, only be derived through conjecture.

He again misrepresents the situation, asking about what the US should do if the evidence continues to pile up that Russia interfered. It’s not piling up, George. It may in the future, but it is not doing so now. In fact, Hussein Obama just came out with a statement indicating that there is no evidence of any impact on the vote totals or of tampering.

It’s likely we’ll find out that this uproar is based upon what will be determined to be inconclusive evidence that originated as propaganda out of the Clinton camp and DNC to cover for the fact that some real embarrassing and damaging information was about to be released.

Although Obama has stated it was a unanimous consensus that the hack of the DNC was perpetrated by the Russians, no evidence of a hack, which is easily traceable has been produced. A dead body, that of  DNC employee Seth Rich, points to a leak. We all know how honest he’s been over the last eight years, and how bodies tend to pile up around the Clintons. That statement means nothing.

If he wasn’t a mere propagandist for the Clinton Obama globalist cabal Stephanopoulos might be willing to report the truth. But he is, so this is the dung he’s shoveling, what he and his network choose to label as news.

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