Rand Paul – Rep Issa Wrong, Need More Than Media Gossip For Special Prosecutor

rand paul


Senator Rand Paul was a guest Monday on The Mike Gallagher Show, with the first topic out of the gate being the fake news Russia controversy with comments made by Congressman Darrell Issa in particular. Issa was interviewed by leftist Bill Maher on his program, the lion’s den for a conservative. Unfortunately, Issa made some friends on the dark side with his performance and made things difficult for the good guys trying to fix this nation.

Gallagher plays a clip of the interview in which Issa said, “You’re right, that you cannot have somebody, a friend of mine,  Jeff Sessions, who was on the campaign, and who was an appointee. You’re going to need to use the special prosecutor’s statute and office to take, not just to recuse, you can’t just give it to your deputy, that’s another political appointee. You do have to do that. We’re going to have to do it, here’s the reason we’re going to have to do it, Bill.”

Issa continues his choppy talk, saying, “There may or may not be fault, but the American people, who are beginning to understand that Putin murders his enemies sometimes right in front of the Kremlin and then suddenly the cameras don’t work there. He’s murdered people and taken down using cyber warfare in Georgia and Ukraine.

This is a bad guy who murders people, who runs a gas station with an economy the size of Italy but is screwing things up all over the world, that we’ve been doing, quote, working with. Now we have to work with them, we don’t have to trust them. And we need to investigate their activities and we need to do it because they are bad people.”

Maher gives him a  sloppy wet one, saying, “Well that’s certainly not the opinion of the Trump administration, I thank you for saying it.” All America haters thank you, Congressman ISIS. [sic]

Issa was so quick to dismiss Jeff Sessions but he fails to note that Hussein Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, was senior legal advisor to Obama during his 2008 campaign and one of three members of Obama’s vice-presidential selection committee. He went on to be held in contempt of Congress, to run guns to the Mexican cartels in secret, to attack the Second Amendment and allow criminals within the IRS to escape prosecution. He’s quick to cast aspersions on our President and his Attorney General. It’s safe and easy, they’re white Republicans.

Of course they aren’t investigating the Obama administration using taxpayer money in an attempt to topple Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel or Obama’s similar efforts in Libya, Egypt and Syria. There’s no more evidence that Russia was involved in the hack that didn’t occur than China, India, North Korea, Pakistan, Cuba, Iceland or the Cayman Islands. Why not investigate all of them as well? No proof appears to be necessary. Senator Rand Paul speaks to that issue.

Senator Paul notes that what Issa said was that the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia need to be investigated. He says, “Well first there ought to be some question as to what law was broken.” Senator Paul doesn’t think gossip in the media is sufficient evidence upon which to base and investigation, noting that no law enforcement has investigated. Paul suggests we let the appropriate law enforcement entities take a look and if a crime was committed handle it accordingly. He reminds the audience that thus far there’s nothing to indicate that is the case.

Paul also has a few words for Senator John McCain and his penchant for America bashing and Trump bashing on foreign soil. Senator Paul believes McCain should know better.

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