Radical Leftist Hails Berkeley As Model For Future, Advocates More Violence, Riots

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It’s hard to believe that the leftist anti-American agitator and purveyor of violence, hatred and chaos featured  in the video below is a middle school teacher. What’s even harder to believe is that she was reinstated after being fired for similar violent activities and comments in Sacramento over this past summer. The woman, Yvette Felarca, accused the Berkeley School district of conducting a witch-hunt against her.

As her comments in the video indicate, that was an appropriate choice of words. She’s a witch, that’s certain. Her anarchist group, “By Any Means Necessary,” borrows a portion of a 1964 speech by radical Malcolm X for its name, advocating for radical social change into a model that they approve of. Nothing is off the table, including all forms of violence against all targets.

The compliant liberal conducting the interview has many missed opportunities to question the radical sitting in front of her, opting instead for the safety of softballs.  Felarca makes unsubstantiated assertions against Milo Yiannopoulos, stating that he’s a fascist and a white supremacist without being challenged for supporting information, of which there is none. She volunteers his association with Breitbart, Steve Bannon and the thinking of Donald Trump as her proof.  She says he was on the UC Berkeley campus “to recruit more fascists and to attack Muslim, ‘immigrant’ students, women and trans students.” All of that is not true but even if it were, he’s allowed to attempt to recruit anyone he chooses without her or her group’s approval.

Felarca or the Felarca matter, as might be more appropriate, says that it’s not a question of peaceful protest versus violent protest. She says, “I was there and there were thousands of people out there who were united, it was a mass protest, it was a militant protest. And everyone was there to shut ’em down and so whatever it was going to take to do that, they were all there with a united cause and they were stunningly successful.” One might add that there was a small group of hardcore agitators that were perpetrating the violence and that their success was due to the fact that California Democrats who support her anti-Trump agitation ordered the Berkeley police not to respond. Had Berkeley police been allowed to do their jobs, her agitators would have been stunned and sitting in jail, where they belong.

She’s asked why they didn’t just chant peacefully and march like the other protesters have done, although there’s always an element of violence the left injects into their supposedly peaceful rallies. Radical Felarca says, “I think that the left has been far too timid for way too long and it’s why we’ve even gotten into this position, where we even have someone like Donald Trump leading a fascist movement as the President of the United States.” She feels the disruptions and attacks during the campaign were too timid and that more violence should have been utilized in preventing President Trump from being elected. Again, the sleepwalking host just lets that pass.

Felarca says, “We need to make sure we have more mass protests, more militant protests that are mass and militant.” What we need to make sure of is that this hag is arrested and charged with inciting to riot and possibly with breaking up the Beatles. She goes on to attempt to justify everything that they’re doing by finding isolated examples of white supremacy, like a shooting incident at a mosque in Canada. She claims, although she wasn’t even in the same country, that she and the rest of the Berkeley hoodlums have a right to defend themselves. That “right” extends to violent attacks on unrelated innocent people and property.

The interviewer notes the destruction that they’ve done to businesses and individuals, even “some innocent people who support their cause.” In response the Alinskyite shifts the blame to those who didn’t cower and submit to her trampling of the rights of others under the Constitution. She blames the chancellor “for anything that happened,” and if they’re upset they should demand that he step down. Liberals are never responsible for their own actions. She simply points the finger of blame for those who were starting fires and breaking glass away from them and bingo, like magic it’s gone. “He had a chance to cancel the event, to make sure it didn’t happen,” says the hate merchant, “for safety reasons. Those safety reasons are to avoid the unsafe conditions created by her thugs. The chancellor is to blame because, “he didn’t listen.”

Felarca demonstrates with vivid clarity why it’s pointless to talk to a liberal. This is just one threat posed by the Democrats and the Soros mobster establishment of both parties. AG Jeff Sessions is going to be a busy man cleaning up this mess.

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