Racist Nike Ad Features Privileged Black Athletes Vs Oppressive Cracker Establishment

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Without a villain to name, only one to imply, that being white, privileged and inherently racist  Americans, the video opens up with the black narrator asking, “Is this the land history promised?” Those who don’t bother reading history or who are incapable of critical thinking will immediately make the connection that they’re entitled to something, that they were promised something that they’re not getting.

But history is an accumulation of the past and the past can’t promise anything. If it’s recorded or a memory it can teach, we can learn from it, it’s great as an example, but it’s incapable of speech or any type of commitment. The opening line is a complete fraud and sets the tone for everything else. The phony narrative continues as the claim is made that on the various courts and fields one is defined by their actions, not their looks or beliefs.

Really? How would a forty-year-old white guy fare walking into the hood and trying to get into a pickup game there, even one who was decent at basketball? He’d be defined by his looks as “Look at that stupid old fool over there bleeding to death, walking in here in our neighborhood, cracker deserved what he got. Gimme that wallet.”

But that doesn’t fit the poor black folks picked on by the mean privileged white folks narrative. Reality and honesty don’t exist in Nike world – they be trying to sell shoes, and maybe stir up a little animosity along the way. They want to associate their sneaker brand with fighting white repression in America and with anti-white agitator black athletes.

“Equality should have no boundaries,” says the Marxist in an attack on America, spray painted white lines should be everywhere. Of course the message is that the lines represent the freedom of the court, which is diametrically opposed to what the lines actually do. The lines regulate, they control, they restrict actions to within a set of rules. One set of rules apply on a basketball court but those are different for a tennis court, baseball diamond or football field. How many types of lines will they paint on one particular piece of ground or intersection?

They say that opportunity should not discriminate as they imply that blacks should receive even more of the preferential treatment they’ve gotten for at least the last fifty-five years thanks to JFK and pandering politicians. Affirmative action policies put into place by John Kennedy in 1961 created black privilege, something nobody wants to or does talk about, and which suppressed whites in competition for jobs for almost six decades.

If black Americans still find themselves disadvantaged, maybe it’s because success requires more than merely complaining that you’re being picked on by the system. Maybe those who realized that hard work is involved already have taken advantage of that opportunity, the affirmative action privilege and elevated themselves. Maybe the problems lie not within the system but within the weak, entitled,  parasitic perspective of the individual.

With these rich black athletes and others as examples, the narrator says, “Worth should outshine color,” and it does. Not everybody needs a basketball player, their value is limited to a very few and color, although the NBA is largely black, isn’t the deciding factor. Those owners won’t pay a player more than they feel he or she is worth just as they won’t pay a janitor cleaning up the locker room more than they’re worth.

“Equal Everything” is spray painted on the wall behind the piano player, apparently someone who is supposed to need no introduction. If Lebron James, Serena Williams and the piano girl want to share their stuff to make us equal, that’s up to them, they can stuff cash in our hands. But he’s still going to be a better ball player, he’s still going to be taller and younger, he’s still going to have a huge chip on his shoulder. She’s still going to be more experienced in running multi-million dollar businesses and better connected. We still won’t be equal, we never will be. They’re frauds. They don’t want equality, which would set them back financially and otherwise. They don’t even want equal opportunity. They just want wealth redistribution from white folks and special black privilege – and to get paid big money for selling shoes.

They end the propaganda piece with the narrator saying, “If we can be equals here,” and Lebron James answering “we can be equals everywhere.” They then switch to an overhead shot of an intersection with a basketball court painted onto it and access restricted from the masses of people held at the edges by the white lines. None of those other “equals” are allowed onto that space, including other equals who might have wanted to spray paint a tennis court. The huddled masses versus the privileged ball players, what was your point again, Nike?

Two questions, Lebron, Where’s my equal cut of what you and your fellow racist hypocrites got paid for this commercial and did Nike show it to their sweatshop employees who worked for virtually nothing so they could afford to pay you that speaking fee? How much of your equality were they allowed to experience? Did the ball bounce the same for them?

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3 Comments on Racist Nike Ad Features Privileged Black Athletes Vs Oppressive Cracker Establishment

  1. Dr. Deplorable // February 15, 2017 at 5:17 am // Reply

    Bastard Negro Child James still hasn’t found who impregnated his Black Mammy!

  2. Dr. Deplorable // February 14, 2017 at 8:41 am // Reply

    Shortly before he was shot, President Abe Lincoln asked Congress for money to return a certain population to Liberia, Africa because they will never be able to compete mentally and socially with the European & Spanish Populations.

  3. You are so right. Millionaire athletes get paid even more $$$ to promote products that some poor over-worked soul has sweated over in a “slave shop” to make in China or Pakistan. So sick of the BS in this world.

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