Racist Hispanic Agitator Demands DACA, AMERICANS’ JOBS and PAPERS For Illegals Or Trump’s A LIAR

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Three questions pop to mind when witnessing the disgusting display of this anti-American interview. First, why does President Trump have a racist who represents the racist organization, the “United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce” on his national diversity council?

Second, why does President Trump have a national diversity council, what is in essence another race-based social engineering organization as part of his administration? Third, why is it ‘deplorable’ to enforce the laws of this nation as they are written without subjective special interests or favoritism in the United States?

It’s interesting that the racist advocate for Hispanic border-crashers, Javier Palomarez, says that the so-called “DREAMers” aren’t costing us anything. He’s one of those fat cat business types who get richer by pilfering off of the American people, employing low wage foreign labor, so it may not be costing him. Those jobs that he touts the “DREAMers” as having belong to Americans. They’ve been stolen by him, his racist amigos, and the illegals, enabled by another illegal alien, the former pretend ‘president,’ Hussein Obama.

They’re costing the American people plenty, every cent of every wage paid to an illegal and lowered wages due to the excess and cheap labor supply. “DREAMers” are not Americans, despite the propaganda and hype. They’re illegal aliens who have no right to be here and should be treated as such.

The most costly impact illegals have on Americans is the loss of innocent life

Those illegal aliens cost Americans plenty in the expense associated with capturing, processing, prosecuting and housing them during the enforcement process. The most costly impact they have on Americans is the loss of innocent life that often is associated with their presence in the US, as was the case with Kate Steinle, Dominic Durden and countless others whose names we would never have heard had our immoral politicians allowed law enforcement to do their jobs. They’d still be with us if our government weren’t populated with gutless panderers who value illegal aliens more than American lives.

The piece of racist trash spokesman for the illegals, Palomarez, says it would cost us over $60 billion to deport the illegals, as if they take their jobs and employers with them when they’re deported. Americans will fill those jobs quickly and many will leave the rolls of social programs. It’s a win/win for the citizens of this nation. He quotes another false statistic, that our economy would lose $280 billion dollars in economic output if they leave. How stupid does this guy think the CNN audience is? Even for them that’s an extreme, whole cloth fake news fabrication that predictably, goes unchallenged.

He does Americans a favor in naming off some of the prime target sellout globalist RINOs, Paul Ryan (R-WI), John McCain (R-AZ), Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Rep Mike Coffman (R-CO), for starters. He could have also included Thom Tillis (R-NC), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John Cornyn (R-TX), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Rep Jeff Denham (R-CA) among his RINO, pro-illegal colleagues as well.

With the appropriate baiting from Fake News anchor Jim Acosta, Palomarez says that President Trump, if he gets rid of DACA and keeps his campaign promise, will have shown he’s a liar. He’s going to face that accusation either way, he waited too long to fulfill the campaign promise in a clean, easy manner. Now it’s more messy, but it still is something he must do.

The left is going to bash him for following the law because they thrive on manipulating it to their advantage. They’ll bash him no matter what – The least President Trump can do is remain faithful to his word and to those who voted him into office. End DACA, immediately would be best, six months with no new signups is the least desirable and will just prolong the battle.

Or do nothing, let the state lawsuits continue and perhaps be granted an immediate injunction. There are many ways to proceed if President Trump wants to keep his word to the American people. That may be the key question that remains to be answered.

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4 Comments on Racist Hispanic Agitator Demands DACA, AMERICANS’ JOBS and PAPERS For Illegals Or Trump’s A LIAR

    oh” and BTY, YOU’RE RIGHT.

  2. Kitty Corbett // September 6, 2017 at 2:40 am // Reply

    It is so refreshing and heartening to see the pretend-president referred to here as an illegal alien. I thought everyone else had forgotten.

    As to the subject matter, the DACA matter, Rick Wells is spot on.

  3. First off, I’ve said this time and time again, starting back when President Chump-Change issued the unlawful executive order for DREAMERS; Congress already voted against DACA once. This vote against DACA was final. This decision was already made and therefore it should stand on it’s own. The order issued by the corrupt communist so-called “President” was never lawful. The potential to allow this to go in front of Congress again is making a joke out of our system of law. This needs no further review as it is ALREADY LAW !!!

    Second, I fear that regardless of the fate of DACA, the RAISE Act will be allowed to pass and this will be the grossest miscarriage of justice so far in this new century. To burden and/or punish those that have voluntarily complied with our immigration laws (as they currently stand) and petitioned to immigrate here lawfully only to be forced to wait far longer then they would have to legally immigrate here, and so due to us failing to bring enforcement actions against those here ILLEGALLY, is the grossest failure of our immigration and legal system to date. This is pathetic and those lawful immigrants already in the pipeline and patiently biding their time to get here lawfully DO NOT deserve such a wrong being done to them. One of the many reasons the RAISE Act has been put forth is simply because we have tolerated too many unlawful immigrants here in the first place as a result of our nation being lame and corrupt. It is wrong for those whom have complied with our laws to suffer consequences out of our failure to have our game together. Sad and pathetic. We cannot hold the entire world here, but we should not hurt those that have sought to come here and be Americans and assimilate as Americans. This is what most LAWFUL immigrants usually do.

    Third, I fully concur with the statement of James Higginbotham above. Patriotic Americans WILL NOT TOLERATE our nation becoming and extension of Mexico, which has always existed only to be the absolute SCOURGE of the Americas in the first place. I know many lawful immigrants and they absolutely DESPISE the actions and antics of the DREAMERS, especially when they give their middle finger to the camera while holding the wretched flag of Mexico and other shithole nations. These people, and the other illegals like them, are FULLY EXPENDABLE for the continued safety and security of a free nation. Time for all illegals to go; one way or the other.

  4. remember i’ve said this over and over, AND NOT JUST HERE.

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