Racist Drama Queen Propagandist Attacks Sean Spicer For Returning Fire

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Most of us had blessedly never heard of racist drama queen April Ryan until last month’s Trump press conference in which she chided the President for not having officially recognized the racist organization, the Congressional Black Caucus. She then built on that supposed insensitivity and indifference when she accused him of some type of hate or discrimination by suggesting she put a meeting together. “She’s nobody’s secretary, how dare he suggest such a thing! She’s a proud black woman. Find some cracker boy or white girl to do that!

Now it’s more of the same, naturally on CNN, as she continues to build a name for herself as a porky, female version of Al Sharpton. As we can see from the notation on the screen, she’s got a book for sale, At Obama’s Knee, or Fifty Shades of Hating Donald Trump, something like that; a real literary gem.

The “poor, injured” minority female copes with her mental anguish as best as she can and somehow muddles through her interview with CNN’s Alisyn “Alinsky” Camerota and Chris Cuomo-phobia, recalling the horrific events she has just endured. Poor little big April opens her two-fisted attack on the enemy Trump administration and the American people, holding black victim aces in one hand and female victim queens in the other.

She describes the target of the propagandists’ collective wrath, Press Secretary Spicer, President Trump and the White House that, “As an administration is calling us the enemy of the people, I guess we saw some of that, um, thought process yesterday.” Cuomo joins in with an “um” of his own, overcome with empathy.

He then chimes in, having been promoted to “press room monitor,” saying she’s allowed to shake her head whenever she wants, “especially when Spicer is doing what he does most often right now, which was giving a bogus response to your question.” Fake news CNN is allowed to determine what is bogus and what isn’t, dismissing what they disapprove of as invalid.

Spicer and the President have hopefully had enough of the fake media’s attacks and they’re apparently not going to legitimize the illegitimate any longer. That goes for other rude and disrespectful hacks who aren’t black or female, most notably CNN’s Jim Acosta and ABC’s Jonathan Karl.  

Cuomo loves to play lawyer, saying, “Look, we all know where the wiretapping thing came from,” as if he’s about to acknowledge the wiretapping by Hussein Obama’s henchmen James Clapper and John Brennan. Nope, he’s just dismissing Trump for exposing it. Instead he leads her into a “Spicer is racist’ argument, asking if what he did to her was different than what is done to “other reporters,” meaning white men who aren’t tubby.

She raises the comment of Spicer calling a white woman, an idiot reporter at Politico, an idiot. She says, “We are the press who’s under attack.” Not exactly, you idiot. You’re an aggressor whose fire is being met with fire, that is quite a different thing. If you stopped beating the dead horse non-stories that were strictly designed and used as  methods of diminishing the White House, you wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s where you have placed yourself.

Alinsky Camerotten says, “There’s something on a deeper, more personal level happening now.” She’s right, the media propagandists loathe the President and have made it personal. But of course, she’s not finding any fault in her swarm of mosquitoes. She’s sending out the invitation, the cue for the scripted “battered black woman” moment.

Ryan takes a couple of deep breaths for dramatic effect. “Come on, April, we know it’s tough, but you can do it. Think of the book sales.” She acknowledges that it is getting personal, but would never admit her own responsibility or that of her fellow propagandists in making it so. It’s those evil Trumps, they did all this.

They had such a loving relationship with Obama, Earnest, McCarthy, Pelosi, Reid, all of the lying communists when they were destroying the country. Now they’re forced to deal with these Constitutionalists and patriots who oppose surrender to world government, and it’s just not the same; it’s so hard. Maybe just a couple more deep breaths will be enough to carry her through. Maybe she’ll loosen her belt.

Ryan injects a comedic moment into the discourse, saying she has no agenda and that “it’s about the issues. Of course the “issues” are all components of her agenda, so it’s just leftist babble. Let’s all pick ourselves up off the floor now. You’re hilarious, April. She goes on to criticize the expanded access of the press briefing room to less myopically Marxist, actual news reporters who don’t have an agenda as she does.

Ryan dismisses them as spectators posing as journalists. It might not be her fault. She probably has never seen actual journalists doing their jobs instead of promoting the Marxist – Fascist agenda. She doesn’t recognize their odd behavior. How can they expect to manipulate public opinion or bring down the Trump presidency by asking non-gotcha questions? How will they support OFA, Soros and Obama’s deep state shadow government? What about Putin?

You, April Ryan, are the one who doesn’t belong. You’re no more a quality journalist than you are a convincing actress. You’re just a female Al Sharpton, with a lot less grease on your hair.

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  1. Lee Roberts // March 30, 2017 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    Black racist ho!
    I wouldn’t embarrass Porky Pig…

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // March 30, 2017 at 9:55 am // Reply

    april “Porky” ryan, what a waste of flab.

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