Putin Tells Questioner “I Am Not Sugar, I Won’t Melt” – He’s No Obama

puitin sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin presents himself as a straight shooter, a public official who will answer any question directly and who puts his nation and the needs of his people first. That may or may not be who he is, but if it isn’t, he’s very good at crafting his public persona.

Whether it was a Clinton-style planted question, one he was ready for, or simply a question that he just answered truthfully, the audience appreciated his response, he came across as sincere and genuine. The exchange came during an event at the Sirius Educational Centre for Talented Children in Sochi on July 21st of this year.

One questioner asked the Russian President about him opting not to run for the cover of an umbrella during a sudden downpour at a wreath laying ceremony on June 22nd, the Day of Memory and Sorrow. She asked if that gesture was connected in any way to the memory of the fallen in WWll.

President Putin replied, “You know, war is not just blood and death, as sad as it is to say.  Troops go either one way or the other, they either advance or retreat, they are in the field. Day and night, both in summer and in winter, both in the snow and in the rain.”

He continues, “And there is no situation in which the fighting day ended and everyone would go to their homes to rest. They are there, in one place. They live there, they die there. It’s such a terrible situation indeed.  Therefore it never even occurred to me that it was necessary to stand under the umbrella.

He concluded, “At the very moment when the wreath was laid. I am not sugar, I won’t melt.”

putin obama

He’s also not a girly man, a difference between him and the foreign impostor who was squatting in our house for the past 8 years that is vividly displayed in the photo comparison.

Putin shows that educated young people can identify with a strong nationalist leader when he doesn’t have to overcome the propaganda of a subversive media in league with insurgents attempting a coup. Hopefully that’s a luxury President Trump may soon be able to experience – maybe he needs to be a bit more like Putin, a little less accommodating to those seeking his destruction.


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