Putin Mocks Obama Forever Farewell, Jokes Russian Prostitutes The Best

putin trump speech jabs obama


Once again Russian President Vladimir Putin has demonstrated he is a master of diplomacy and the subtle jab, pointing out the absurdity of the latest round of anti-Trump events and their associated attacks on his country.

Putin leads off with an salvo directed towards Hussein Obama, although never mentioning him by name. He says, “You know there is a category of people who leave without ever saying goodbye, out of respect for the present situation and in order not to disturb anything. But there are people who are endlessly bidding farewells but do not leave. In my opinion the outgoing US administration falls into the second category.”

Putin continues, “We can see a major continuation of the political fight in the US, despite the fact that the political elections are finished and they ended with a convincing victory for Mr. Trump.” He says, “I am not acquainted with Mr. Trump. I have not met him. I do not know what he will do in the international arena. So I have no reason either to attack him, criticize him for something or defend him.”

In what may have been another backhanded slap at the empty suit making it’s exit from the White House, Putin says, “We will not even address the Nobel Committee asking to award him with a Nobel Prize for mathematics, physics or some other subject. I do not have any reason to do so. But these false stories are utter nonsense.”

President Putin says, “When Trump came to Moscow a few years ago he was not a politician and we did not know about his political ambitions. He was a businessman, one of the rich people in America. Does anyone really think that our security services chase every American billionaire? Of course not, it is complete nonsense.”

He mocks the false allegations, saying, “Trump arrived an immediately went to meet with the Moscow prostitutes? First, he is a grown man and secondly, he is a man who has engaged in the organization of beauty contests and communicated with the most beautiful women in the world for many years. You know, I can hardly imagine that he ran into a hotel to meet with our girls with low social responsibility.”

Putin comments that “Prostitution is a serious, ugly social phenomenon, because many women are involved in it as they have no other way to provide for themselves. And it is pretty much the fault of the society and the state. But people who make up such falsifications that are currently spread about the US President-elect, that are invented and used in the political struggle, those people are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral restraints.

In another clip, the translated comments of Mr. Putin regarding the prowess of Russian prostitutes, which were left out of the broader version, are included. After his remarks about how unlikely it would be for Trump to immediately rush into a Russian hotel to meet with their prostitutes, he says, “Although, without a doubt they too are the best in the world. But I doubt Trump would get hooked on that.”

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