Putin Interview Announcing Russian Response To Attack From US Congress

vladimir putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t have to deal with an ongoing coup attempt in his own country, but he and Russia  are being impacted by the one Democrats, RINOs and the establishment bureaucracy are engaging in in the United States.

In their unending efforts to utilize Russia as a cudgel to illegally force President Trump from office,  the Democrats and establishment Republicans in Congress have bullied even the most fair-minded of their colleagues into accepting the premise that Russia is actively engaged in hostile activities against America and deserves to be grouped in with North Korea and Iran and sanctioned.

It’s naked political gamesmanship but none of the testosterone-challenged members of Congress want to be labeled by their political opponents as weak on Russia. “Hero” John McCain and his domestic partner Lindsey say Putin’s actually the devil, and we can’t disappoint McCain, not with all he’s dealing with these days. Better to just give the RINOs what they want, they’ll deal with the consequences later. If McCain wants to bomb Moscow as well, maybe we should consider it. We’re governed by such gutless sleaze bags.

Putin presented his side of the story on Russian television in interview form, telling the reporter that he would be matching the Obama dictated diplomatic levels set on December 29th, an escalation both he and President Trump had hoped to avoid. He notes that the number of Americans working in Russia will drop from over 1,000 to 455, the same number as Russia has working in the United States after one of Obama’s final destructive acts against the US while in office.

Putin says, “755 of them will have to stop their activities, and that’s painful. America has taken a step to jeopardize US – Russia relations and the important thing is that that step wasn’t triggered by anything. This is a move to impose illegal restrictions to attempt to influence other countries, including US allies, which are interested in developing ties with Russia.”

“We’ve been waiting for quite a long time,” says Putin, “so that maybe something would change for the better.  We had hoped that the situation would change but it looks like even if it does change, that it won’t be in the near future. I decided that it is time for us to show that we will not leave anything unanswered.”

Putin adds, “Of course we have more to say. There are spheres that we could restrict which would be painful for the United States. But I think we shouldn’t do that. It’s only going to harm US – Russia relations as they are, but it’s also going to affect us as well.

The anti-Trump forces don’t care what they do to harm this nation or any other. Their political ambitions are blind and they are blinded by hatred as well, and their fear of a return of power to the American people. 

As Rep Steve King correctly pointed out last week and everybody who reads history knows, the US has long been intruding in the domestic affairs, including elections, of other nations all across the globe. Obama tried to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2015, illegally using $350,000 in US tax dollars to do it. How sanctimonious for them to select this instance to develop a selective conscience and to exercise it upon unsubstantiated claims. That’s congressional leadership? This action by Congress does not serve our country well, it only serves the agenda of our domestic enemies.


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