Punk Protesters Taunt Bikers, Cops, Trump Supporters Outside DeploraBall

biker trump punk


It’s almost as if we’re back in the summer of 2016 with the Clinton/Obama/Soros agitators flooding the streets and threatening, harassing, and assaulting Trump supporters whose only offense was trying to hear the message of the candidate. Their intent then was just as it is now, disruption and to intimidate his supporters, everyday patriotic Americans.

The players and organizers of the events are the same but the identities used by their thug mobs are different. Gone are the BLM thugs vilifying the police, Mr. Trump and his supporters are the targets for tonight and tomorrow’s events. The thugs do what they are relatively confident they’ll be able to get away with, making noise, being rude and confrontational and getting in the way. They’re like gnats.

The Deploraball, a prime target of the DisruptJ20 agitators, got underway tonight and has been identified as a prime target of the Democrat/Globalist/Communist agitators.

For the agitators in the street, their plan at the time seems to be one of yelling into bullhorns placed directly in front of and pointed at people’s faces. Lucky for them that the police that they would be vilifying on any other day are out in strong numbers or their protest would have been over as soon as it began.

One quite large member of the Bikers For Trump contingent is seen interacting with the punk agitator who is wearing one of the communist group’s sweat shirts and speaking into a bullhorn pointed directly at the biker. He’d make quick work of the communist but that would mean a trip to jail, not the purpose of his being there.

Police need to stop being so passive in the face of situations such as this. Confiscate the bullhorn if nothing else, inconvenience or fine the agitator for violations of the city noise ordinances. Standing around and allowing the lawless behavior to continue only guarantees that it will and that there will be more participants.

The middle finger is being utilized as a tool of expression by the radicals as well, as is cursing. They represent Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama quite well. They’re everything the Democrat Party is all about.

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