Protect Rice And Obama Deep State – Sen Burr, Intel Committee’s Job In Hearings

richard burr

Many Americans have been wondering why the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings, such as the one in which they treated James Comey like a rock star rather than a scheming, leaking, deep state threat to the nation. There are likely mulitple of reasons for every committee member, most of them linked to money and power.

There’s the partisan differences and the less visible loyalties to the establishment and globalists versus the rare public servant and patriot that plays a significant role as well. Some of those committee  members reveal themselves in their comments when they don’t intend to.

That was the case with Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman and supposed Republican, who is no friend to this administration, Richard Burr (R-NC). He made a statement following their supposed interrogation of Susan Rice behind closed doors. That session was most likely another of the series of pointless theatrical presentations, minus a public presentation, we have come to expect. Burr did expose his duplicity a bit in his comments, though.

He said, “The unmasking thing was all created by Devin Nunes, and I’ll wait to go through our full evaluation to see if there was anything improper that happened. But clearly there were individuals unmasked. Some of that became public which it’s not supposed to, and our business is to understand that, and explain it.”

The “unmasking thing,” as Burr calls it, was not created by Rep Nunes, it was exposed by Nunes, as it should have been and he was made to pay a price for his courage and service to the American public. He was effectively removed and placed into ethics limbo as punishment and to eliminate him as a problem to the establishment. He also serves as a reminder, a corpse hanging from a light pole in the city square to anyone else harboring patriotic tendencies.

His job, Burr says, is to understand how some of that unmasking became public and to explain [make excuses for] it. Really? It’s not to understand the extent of it and whether it was excessive and to determine the motivations behind it? Does Senator Burr’s “business” not also include ascertaining whether the number of people involved both in the conduct and the targeting was appropriate, the distribution the information of and the security measures surrounding it? Or is it just his and his committee’s business to criticize the man who exposed the criminality to President Trump?

Is he defining his “business” as explaining away the criminality and improprieties to let Susan Rice off the hook the way they did nothing for the criminal activities of Clinton and her co-conspirators in their espionage or sale of US assets, including uranium to the Russians? They don’t have to explain what they can just ignore and with Rice they’re going to hide her among others, of both parties, called in in secret, giving her equal standing with the non-criminals or bit players.

They’ll eventually work their way around to “explaining” this once it’s “fully understood,” in a manner that does not involve any further action and no questions about or testimony from Obama or any of her other fellow subversives. Above all there will be no accountability to the American people for any of them. It’s just like Benghazi, only bigger.

Burr has that convenient, protective “R” behind his name.  He can get away with it. He’s done it before. And he’ll have AG Sessions as an additional layer of insulation. Comey admitted to leaking documents in the hearings and to collusion with Loretta Lynch – where are those grand juries?  It’s all theater and they’re just actors playing their despicable roles.

Nothing happens because those in power, aside from our President, are as corrupt as those they sit in judgment of and allied with them. The swamp can’t be drained as long as these vermin are running the show. It’s looking more and more like it can’t be drained at all and other, more drastic measures will be required.

The only difference between the Senate Intelligence Committee members and those who sit in testimony before them is that a small percentage of those testifying are innocent.


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