Proof – CNN, Tapper, Dems LIE About FBI, DNC Server – BUSTED By Trump, Others

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CNN Fake News is at it again, now enlisting a corrupt Democrat Congresswoman, Jackie Speier, to provide some semblance of legitimacy to the lie they’re about to tell. It’s a fake news story that their “crack anchor” and “expert” on all things political, Jake Tapper, never knew about until today’s testimony from former DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson. This lie is that they never knew the DNC had refused to allow the FBI to investigate their supposedly hacked server.

That was common knowledge as the story unfolded, with this writer having written a piece on it on January 6th of this year, somehow managing to learn of the refusal despite not having the connections of the forgetful Mr. Tapper and company. He certainly was aware of it and for some reason they’re now trying to paint a different picture.

Rep Jackie Speier offers the lamest of opposing arguments, claiming that she talked to Debbie Wasserman Schultz after the Johnson pony show and she told her that nobody within the FBI ever offered to look at the server. Of course that’s a lie and even on its most basic level it’s suspect. What kind of DNC Chairman, among the rudest people on earth, would sit and wait to be asked and not take action themselves to get someone to look at it?

We’re supposed to believe that both Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazile, each very demanding and pushy when they choose to be, were somehow passive at a time that all of their secrets were being exposed. Speier’s lying for the same reason Tapper is, either they’re covering something up or setting something up, perhaps both.

President Trump knew the FBI hadn’t been given access by the DNC, and tweeted

President Trump knew the FBI hadn’t been given access by the DNC, and tweeted in addition to public statements made repeatedly, about the suspicious nature of their behavior.

CNN is constantly monitoring President Trump’s tweets, and they were doing so in January as well, two weeks before the inauguration. Did they and Mr. Tapper somehow just not see those two?

According to the Hill in their article on the topic from the previous day, January 5th, the FBI made repeated efforts to examine the server, the same story that was going around at the time. Instead, the DNC secured a private company, CrowdStrike, to provide the illusion of an investigation, a smokescreen to keep it out of the hands of law enforcement. By doing so they were also free to make their claims of Russian involvement without having to contend with statements from the FBI that there was no indication that was the case. Their other nasty little secrets remained hidden as well.

The Hill reported, “The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” the official said. “This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information. These actions caused significant delays and inhibited the FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier.” So when Speier says that the process was delayed, it was her own party, in the furtherance of one of their customary cover ups, that caused any and every delay.

During that first week of January, BuzzFeed reported that “The DNC had several meetings with representatives of the FBI’s Cyber Division and its Washington (D.C.) Field Office, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices. The FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers.” Really? They had several meetings with those expert computer investigative law enforcement professionals and all of them, on every instance, “forgot” to ask to inspect the server? Sure, Democrats, sure they did.

In the effort to provide whatever cover story he’s been assigned, Tapper faults a supposed unnamed low level official, as the problem for the miscommunication and pretends to blast the DNC. Some of the purpose of the testimony of Johnson, which was largely of no value beyond creating this stir, was to establish this false narrative. It’s fake news show time again, folks.

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  1. Kelleigh Nelson // June 22, 2017 at 8:38 pm // Reply

    This is exactly what happened…Okay, did you let the FBI examine your computers? No, we didn’t let the FBI examine. They went out and they hired a third-party forensics unit called CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike is headed up by a Ukrainian — in America, but a Ukrainian who hates Putin. And it was CrowdStrike which claims there were Russian fingerprints all over this. Well, hell’s bells, if you’re gonna hack the DNC, why leave your own fingerprints? Then we learn later the CIA had hacking programs that left fingerprints of anybody you wanted.

    Read more:

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