Pro-Illegal Democrat JUDGE Usurps Texans, BLOCKS TEXAS Sanctuary City LAW

texas judge garcia

Another Democrat appointed so-called judge has injected himself into and obstructed the orderly exercise of authority by the Chief Executive and the legislature, this time on the state level, in Texas.

US District Court Judge Orlando Luis Garcia has temporarily blocked most of Texas’ tough new “sanctuary cities” law  which passed the legislature elected by the people and was signed by the governor, also elected by the people. Even in Texas the authoritarian globalist Democrats usurp the will of the people and rule by fiat.

Among other measures, the law allows police to inquire about a person’s citizenship status, and if they’re not, their immigration status and permission to be in the United States during routine traffic stops.  That would provide a means to fight back against the invasion, so naturally the leftists activated their puppet to put a stop to it.

Garcia was born in America but clearly shares a heritage with illegal aliens which may have adversely impacted his presumption of objectivity. It’s of no consequence as those tendencies, if they exist, must be roundly ignored or those questioning them face being branded a racist for raising them.

It’s racist not to ignore the obvious, including sympathies, trends in decisions and potential conflicts of interest which might prevent Garcia from objective judicial action. Then again, simply being a globalist, anti-American Democrat is enough to taint one’s presumption of objectivity. It’s the same situation President Trump found himself confronting with the Democrat Latino supremacist Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

Hillary Clinton’s husband and fellow patronizing liberal, “Biting Bill,” appointed Garcia in 1994 and he became Chief Judge of the Texas Western District Court on January 1st, 2016. He was a sleeper ready to be activated for an occasion just such as this, when the people of Texas attempted to recapture their state from the pirating globalists of the Democrat Party and establishment.

Globalist Democrats and their allies demean the anti-invasion, pro-sovereignty law as a “show us your papers law.” If you’re stopped by police you are already required to identify yourself, so that’s not really correct. It’s an identify the illegals law so they can be turned over to ICE and deported law. That’s why the anti-white, anti-America left is fighting it.

The San Antonio judge’s ruling prevents the law from going into effect on Friday, as was scheduled and allows time for a legal challenge to proceed.

A key provision of the law are the sanctions against law enforcement agencies and counties and their officials for refusing to comply with federal detainer requests. Those sanctions include removal from office and criminal charges for police chiefs and sheriffs.

Maybe the law should be amended to include agitator activist judges as well.


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