Pro-Amnesty Open Border Agitators Block Macy’s Parade BLM Style

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a bit of American culture and is therefore a tempting target to the globalist open border agitators. Four DACA illegals blocked the…

macy's parade

The radical leftists gain their political advantage by having no respect for their adversaries, and assaulting our culture and our cultural norms.

Their operatives are notorious for taunting innocent citizens into moving their cars as they block traffic and threaten them and then jumping in front of them or on the hoods in order to get the person who was simply going about their own day arrested and drawing them into their “political statement.”

They block freeway traffic and enter restaurants where they shout at the patrons, defying anyone to strike back against them. We’ve seen the leftist Antifa thugs go much further in their violence, to physical assaults on those they disagree with, with one of their own dying in Charlottesville.

The bigger the audience the better in their perverted minds, much like terrorists preferring to target airliners over individuals, four empowered illegal invaders blocked the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday.

It’s not likely that they would have done so had they had any fear of being discovered and deported. They’re still protected by the illegal Obama dictate for the time being, making now the window of opportunity for them to strike out against America.  

What better place for them to do so than at an event that is nationally televised and which represents the culture of their adversaries, the “evil cracker colonialists” whom they have no respect for?

Four open borders foreign squatters blocked the parade in a sit-down protest. The difference in this instance was that rather than protecting the lawbreakers, the police actually did their job to a limited degree, removing them. They were not arrested as they should have been and, unfortunately, deportations won’t result. They get national attention and no consequences, the win they were seeking.

According to a group call The Seed Project, which would more appropriately be called the Weed Project, the parade agitators were four illegal aliens, given temporary residency and work permits under the illegal Obama DACA. 

One of the illegals, a terrorist aged male student named Piash Ahamed, 26, said, “We want permanent protection for undocumented youth, and more focus on the fact that all undocumented youth are suffering, whether they’re DACA or not.” There’s an easy way to end for the squatters to end their supposed suffering, it’s at the airport or bus terminal and it’s called a ticket home.

The agitators wore matching red “Seed Project” T-shirts, a warning in itself for those paying attention, as they sat down in the middle of the road on Central Park West and were soon hustled off by police. Two of the agitators had Hispanic surnames and were teachers, or indoctrinators by occupation.

It’s worth remembering that rewarding lawlessness breeds more lawlessness. If these people had been sent back with their illegal trespassing parents when they first came across, and our borders enforced against the wishes of the globalist traitors in DC, none of this would be happening. And it’s not happening spontaneously or organically. It’s by grand design, to destroy America.


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6 Comments on Pro-Amnesty Open Border Agitators Block Macy’s Parade BLM Style

  1. Immediate deportation!

  2. Kelleigh+Nelson // November 24, 2017 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    God, I wish we could ship these idiots off to Siberia

  3. Hadenoughalready // November 24, 2017 at 10:21 am // Reply

    Someone should have thrown a tow rope around their necks and dragged them off.


  5. Now New Yorkers have a better understanding of the shit we have to put up with from wetbacks from time to time here in Texas and the rest of the southwest. We’ve long been sick of these pathetic parasites and we want them all gone ASAP.

  6. “It’s worth remembering that rewarding lawlessness breeds more lawlessness.”

    Exactly right. I’m still holding out hope that illegals will be deported. So far, with he exception of a few hundred gang thugs, I don’t think we have been doing the job we voted on.

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