Prison For Illegal Worker Hiring Violations A Good First Step For DOJ

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It’s good news but also evidence that a double standard exists. There is a separate level of enforcement for the common everyday American citizens, one for illegals engaged in crime white collar crime, and one for the bosses at the top who made everything possible, Hussein Obama and Jihadi Jeh Johnson.

A year ago, on April 8th of 2016, a jury convicted illegal aliens Rudy Martinez, 36 and Israel Martinez, 44 of conspiracy to employ and the actual employment of illegal aliens. Breitbart reports they were also found to have “encouraged and induced illegal aliens to enter the country without documentation,” something that Obama and Johnson institutionalized, turning the United States into an illegal alien magnet with the promise of the jobs formerly held by Americans.

Somehow Obama and Johnson, being the most guilty and biggest offenders, have managed to avoid even so much as being charged for their crimes, while the small fish are rightfully collected up and dealt with. Another minnow, American citizen Ceasar Santiago Arroyo, 51, who was a district operations manager with Waste Management, just pleaded guilty to conspiracy on March 31st.

The three were sentenced to federal prison for hiring 10 or more illegal aliens. They were determined to have also committed aggravated identity theft, which is a separate offense that carries with it a sentence of two years which runs consecutive to any other sentencing. Illegal aliens being charged with identity theft is unheard of and they were actually convicted. So was the complicit American co-conspirator. This is a trend that really needs to be supported by the Department of Justice.

Back in 2012 the co-conspirators fired at least ten Waste Management employees who they knew to be illegal aliens based upon their inability to provide valid identification. After they were fired, the defendants allegedly “encouraged” the illegals to obtain American identities, as if they needed to be encouraged by anyone. They may have been promised jobs with the fake IDs but they’d have been out getting them regardless of whether there was a job waiting or not. Just like every other illegal, they get a job from a complicit, winking, lawbreaking employer. They knew they were still illegal when they were hired back, and that they were using fake documents. The basis for the knowledge and complicity in the fraud in this case exists in countless workplaces across America. All that is needed is a DOJ investigation and an announcement of prosecutions.

As is usually the case, the victims of the fraud had no idea that their identities had been stolen as paychecks were issued in their names and social security numbers to an imposter. The IRS knew that the crime was taking place, but they don’t inform the victims, it’s not their job. In essence they too are passive participants in the scam. Lois Lerner showed us what happens to their lawbreakers.

Federal Judge Melinda Harmon sentenced Rudy and Israel Martinez to prison terms of  94 and 87 months respectively, which includes the mandatory 24-month sentence for identity theft. Arroyo was given a 27 month sentence for his role in the conspiracy.  The illegals will be deported upon their completion of their sentences.

Why is this not a common practice, the enforcement of the laws against identity theft and against employers who hire those who have no legitimate right to work in the United States? Even in instances where they are not involved in the conspiracy, American employers are still violating the law. Just a few convictions of employers would see illegals being fired left and right, and Americans hired to take their places. The fleeing illegals would leave behind vacant houses, with supply and demand bringing a return to affordable and available rental homes. The gridlock of all of those illegals on the roadways and the associated social benefits costs of wealth redistribution to support them would be greatly reduced once they were forced to self-deport. Those few convictions would be the economic boon Americans have been praying for.

As for that double standard, why are the two kingpins of this invasion and employment fraud enabling, Obama and Johnson, still walking free. Johnson is still practicing law and Obama is agitating against America. They deserve large doses of justice, the sooner the better. Charge them with the same offenses, with millions of counts of each.


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