Priebus Tells Blitzer Resignation Not Due To His Leaking

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It should have come as no surprise to anyone that ousted White House chief of staff Reince Priebus chose CNN as the recipients of his first interview after being asked to resign. His penchant for giving them information played a major role in his dismissal. Why stop just because he got canned?

Putting on the “brave soldier sacrificing for the good of the nation” charade, Priebus was supportive of President Trump and the administration in the interview. He had to be; to be vindictive or critical of the President would be just more self-inflicted wounds. He is alleged to have betrayed the confidence of the President numerous times and if that led to his removal from his position, he has nobody but himself to blame.

Blitzer asks, “Why did you make that important decision to resign?” Of course he didn’t answer the why, he couldn’t just say because I got busted for leaking. Instead he responded, “Well, it was something that I’ve always talked to the President about, which is, I’ve always said to him and he’s always agreed with me.

Priebus detailed, “Any time either one of us think that we need to make a change or move in a different direction, let’s just talk about it and get it done. And so, I think the President thought about that and we talked about it yesterday and I resigned and he accepted my resignation.”

He says, “But this is about the President, it’s about moving his agenda forward. I think he made a smart decision with General Kelly and I think he’s going to do a great job. And I’m looking forward to the future. One other thing, I’m always going to be a Trump fan. I’m on team Trump and I look forward to helping him achieve his goals and his agenda for the American people.”

That still didn’t answer Blitzer’s question, so he asked again, “But why did you resign? I’m still trying to understand. I understand that you told the President you wanted to resign, he accepted your resignation yesterday, but why? What, were there a series of issues, was there one thing that came up and you decided, ‘You know what – I no longer can do this?'”

Priebus continues with the ambiguous, “I think the President wanted to go in a different direction.” Yeah, Reince, he wants to go in that what’s private inside the White House doesn’t immediately get deposited on a reporter’s voice mail direction. That will be different.  

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13 Comments on Priebus Tells Blitzer Resignation Not Due To His Leaking

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // July 31, 2017 at 8:24 pm // Reply

    Yes I think Scaramucci’s teeth were chomping at his backside. One of my friends commented that she doesn’t trust anyone like Tony because he’s a leftist. However, I believe leftist or not, if he gets the job done he was hired to do for our President, I’m all for him.

  2. Priebus, Ryan, and Pence are as thick as thieves. I hope this is the beginning of the cleansing including all the WH deep state operatives working with the GOP. The WH should be renamed the colander.

  3. Shirley Freeland // July 29, 2017 at 9:49 am // Reply

    Another rat gone – I didn’t think the President should take him on to start with. The President just needs to clean house of most of those who started with him because they are implants from the previous administration and are nothing but spies. Why is Reince getting scott free for leaking government information?

  4. TONYA PARNELL // July 29, 2017 at 9:11 am // Reply


  5. Kelleigh Nelson // July 29, 2017 at 9:11 am // Reply

    AND HE GOES ON CNN…right Reince, it’s not because you were leaking that you were FIRED!!!!!!! BUT ALL THE SCUM YOU BROUGHT WITH YOU were leaking, and that’s why SPICER chose to quit instead of staying, because he’s your number one boyo that worked for you at the RNC. you didn’t go on fox, you went on cnn.

    never trusted you, never trusted spicer, never trusted any of the establishment. Now that Kelly is Chief of Staff it’s time for Flynn to be brought back and put in Kelly’s spot so the media can howl some more. Flynn never did one thing wrong and he’s far better than McMaster and Mattis who also need to be dumped.

    • Wrong, he did go on Fox first with Hannity. Are there references to his leaking at this point?

      • this was the first interview he gave, Alana – in fact I mentioned it might have been a subtle jab at the President at the time – Hannity interview was later, the chryon on the page says first interview as well. As for him having admitted to the leaking, he’s being allowed to save face I think, and not being prosecuted like they all never are, to keep him from yapping like crazy more negative stuff – that is my take on it, to my knowledge he’s never confessed but it’s pretty obvious.

      • Kelleigh Nelson // July 31, 2017 at 8:22 pm // Reply

        I know he went on Fox, I watched him, and it was a love in between him and Sean. Sean didn’t go after him at all, and let him say he resigned, what hogwash, it wasn’t worth the time, but he made sure he was also on CNN with Wolf, didn’t he.

  6. Does anyone know for real that Mr. Priebus was responsible for any leaks, from the White House?

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