Priebus, Abramoff – Corrupt Govt Ethics Office Needs An Ethics Office

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Reince Priebus calls out the head of the government ethics office for his hypocrisy in response to a question from Clinton insider, donor and supporter and no stranger to compromised ethics, himself, George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos asked, “Will the President-elect be taking any further steps to deal with his possible business conflicts? We saw what he announced this week but the head of the office of government ethics said that he considered this meaningless from a conflict of interest perspective.”

Priebus is like a dog being fed a steak with that question, responding, “Right, and the head of the government ethics office ought to be careful because that person has become extremely political, apparently may have publicly supported Hillary Clinton, is calling out the President [elect?] with information on Twitter about our detangling of the business over a month ago. So I’m not so sure what this person at government ethics, what sort of standing he has anymore in giving these opinions.”

Priebus continues, “I think Jason Chaffetz was correct to call for an investigation into the Government Ethics Department in the government for the positions that they’ve taken in this campaign.” With a sigh of relief that nothing hit too close to home Stephanopoulos ends the interview there.

Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist who served 43 months in prison for doing virtually nothing when compared to the rampant corruption that is business as normal for the Democrats and establishment RINOs, the stuff that made Maxine Waters, Harry Reid and John McCain rich, gives his opinion on what’s going on in an interview with Steve Malzberg. After listening to a clip of the interview, He says, “Well, it’s actually beyond that. The Washington Free Beacon has pointed out today that he’s also a former Obama donor. This is who this is.”

He continues, “So like all of these situations with these liberals, unfortunately, you know they come up with these folks who are supposed to be non-partisan observers and the truth is they’re very partisan players. And then the Republicans, and Trump in particular, are supposed to somehow react to this and get on their knees and act like these are legitimate players, they’re not. And that goes for him, that goes for John Lewis, that goes for all the rest of them.”

Abramoff says, “Donald Trump is, fortunately, the first Republican we’ve seen in a long time and maybe, frankly, in our lifetimes, who’s not willing to kowtow to these folks. He’s willing to do what needs to be done, or he seems to, we’ll see what happens after he’s inaugurated. He’ll do the right thing and he won’t care what it looks like to these people who only want him out of there and only want the things he’s doing to stop.”

He adds, “So he shouldn’t listen to  them at all, including this Obama donor, Hillary supporter who heads this so-called “ethics office.”

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