Press Briefing Stunt – Belligerent Reporter Erupts To Rescue Fake News CNN

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Gee, this is awfully convenient. The cameras have been turned off for a few press briefings, with Jim “Caustic” Acosta whining incessantly about it. It was predictable that they’d have the cameras on during the briefing following the revelations by James O’Keefe of the CNN Russia pimping being acknowledged by their own employee. It’s now obvious that this expendable nobody was either put up to it by CNN or saw an opportunity for his fifteen minutes of fame and perhaps, if he’s really good and bails them out, a future spot with the Clinton Fake News Network.

The cameras had to be on for him to make this work, so the die was cast once that happened. As soon as the topic came up and Sarah Huckabee Sanders had almost finished her response, the nobody, Brian Karem, interrupted her with his feigned outrage. He couldn’t let someone else be called upon or the stunt might never take place, he had to be sure he be next to speak, he had to interrupt.

After Sanders explained that the fake news admission had taken place and expressed the frustration of the White House with their agenda to undermine and subvert the presidency, the hack threw his little tantrum. Hopefully, this costs him his press credentials so any future rants can be conducted from the street in front of the White House or his new home in the CNN or MSNBC studio.

The ranting hack claims that everybody in the room is only trying to do their job, which may be true. But if so then their job includes subverting the President and repeating lies on command. She also told the Acosta wannabe that “It is outrageous for you to accuse me of inflaming a  story when I was simply trying to respond to his question.

Karem has since been making the rounds of the fake news outlets, CNN had him as panelist with other agitators posing as journalists, April “I don’t make phone calls” Ryan and Jim “Caustic” Acosta, making the scripted and pre-planned nature of this event that much more obvious. MSNBC used him as a prop for RINO Joe and Mika the Bolshevik to blast the administration.

This choreographed event is a desperate act of a desperate leftist media, including and especially CNN, who is now fully exposed to the American people as being fake news propagandists and untrustworthy. CNN is fake news but they’re not the only ones and many of the members of the press corps seem to be aligning themselves with CNN. That’s because they too, are biased and anti-Trump. Good riddance. Give those spots to actual reporters and kick the bums to the curb. Grab a spot next to Acosta, and start crying.

The full exchange is can be seen below


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2 Comments on Press Briefing Stunt – Belligerent Reporter Erupts To Rescue Fake News CNN

  1. Debra Prisk // June 30, 2017 at 2:52 am // Reply

    Why is a Playboy magazine “reporter” even at the White House press briefings? And this POS “reporter” says he doesn’t like bullies, when he was interviewed on CNN, but I guess he is fine with lying journalists and Fake News outlets.

  2. TONYA PARNELL // June 29, 2017 at 6:27 pm // Reply


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