President Trump Upset Sessions Recused, Reportedly Not Consulted Beforehand

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Many who support President Trump understand that the non-stop barrage by the left with their phony Trump – Russia collusion story is a tactic. We were surprised that a decision would be made by the Trump White House to, in essence, surrender to the lying Democrats, allowing bad to triumph over good. They were rewarded with power over the process or a diminished, less effective process and an Attorney General reduced in stature to the nation. That, by extension, weakened the public perception of President Trump as well.

He’s already been through a similar experience with the resignation of National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn. It seems clear that if President Trump had that decision to make over again, he might have stood by one of his most valuable aides a little longer. He certainly doesn’t want to repeat that ordeal again.

Unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what happened with the recusal decision made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Many of us thought that something major like that would have been discussed with the President or at least some senior staffers before being announced to the world. That appears to have also not been done, a second reason why President Trump was reported to have been livid.

President Trump convened a Friday morning meeting with senior aides prior to departing for Florida. Included were Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Steve Bannon, communications director Mike Dubke, and press secretary Sean Spicer.

While they have a busy week to prepare for and to outline, President Trump took a few moments to express his displeasure at the way the recusal situation had been handled.

President Trump wanted to know, what logic was behind the decision. He made it clear that from his perspective it had been handled poorly, and that the Attorney General should not have recused himself. Politico reports that President Trump later told an assoicate it “made it seem like he’d done something wrong.” Sources in attendance stated that the President was obviously exasperated.

Although Priebus was originally expected to travel to Florida with the group, the decision was made for him to remain behind at that meeting. Perhaps Mr. Trump felt that the communications among his staff is not what it should be and that it was made evident by the Sessions misstep. Maybe he’s trying to get his Chief of Staff’s attention.

An official offered the explanation that it was due to a need to prepare for the upcoming roll out of an Obamacare replacement and a replacement for the terrorist importation ban that the liberal “so-called” judge in Washington has stepped on.

Steve Bannon was among those heading on Saturday to Mar-a-Lago, “for an EO launch meeting” with staffers from the Department of Justice. DHS officials will also be in attendance in the meeting with the President to make sure it goes smoothly.

They have also indicated to Speaker Ryan that they will support his health care bill next week.

It’s reassuring that the uncharacteristic surrender to the circling sharks did not originate with nor would it have had the support of the President. Hopefully those communication issues that resulted in AG Sessions prematurely recusing himself have now been sufficiently addressed so as to avoid another repeat.


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4 Comments on President Trump Upset Sessions Recused, Reportedly Not Consulted Beforehand

  1. The deepest most smelliest swamp is within the DOJ…He has to empty that first and appoint his own men…In other words by pass his appointees

  2. Sandra B Mull // March 6, 2017 at 1:48 am // Reply

    President Trump should refused to permit AG Session’s offer to recuse himself from ANY case. He needs the experience of AG Session to focus on this important defense and it’s the president’s call to make. It would be very interesting to know who, in particular, advise Sessions to opt out.

  3. I am beyond angry at how Sessions recused himself. I supported and trusted Sessions wholeheartedly. This was the act of a coward not the man I thought he was.

    I would like someone to answer these questions for me. Why didn’t President Trump dismiss all Obama appointees in all Departments who are in high or mid level positions and replace them with trusted people of his own even if those people are not the ones he ultimately wants in because his appointees are being held up from their positions by the Democrats waiting from approval by Congress? At a minimum he should never have kept a Democrat in those positions. Why would President Trump’s advisors not hammer this home to him?

    Why would President Trump even consider keeping an Obama appointee Democrat loyalist as second in charge of the DOJ? Why would Jeff Sessions consult with Democrat appointees before making the decision to recuse himself? How in the world could Jeff Sessions recuse himself and leave the Russia Investigation in the hands of the second in command of the DOJ who is an Obama appointee without telling the President first? He just back stabbed the President.

    If it wasn’t evident enough before it is clear now that Trump’s enemies in the Republican Party, which include those who refuse to take the nuclear option to get Trump’s people in are working around the clock against him.

    I’m disappointed in President Trump too. He needs to get a handle on this constant broadcasting of manipulations and lies by the mainstream media. At least half or more of the citizens of this nation watch mainstream media and believe every word they say. At some point media can be sued for the lies they tell when they don’t also state that what they are saying is unproven speculation but continue to broadcast the lies as if they are factual news. Even if he has to subpoena every record of every news organization out there to find the leakers he needs to start investigations and do that too.

    President Trump needs to be able to fight back in as viscous and underhanded a way as his enemies fight and smear him or they are going to get him in a position where they have neutered him completely.

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