President Trump Has The Tool To Immediately Halt All Refugee Imports In His Pocket

trump pen


President Trump already has every tool he needs to turn off the flow of “refugees” into the United States immediately. It’s one of the two that Obama was so enamored with, his phone and his pen. He doesn’t need to make a phone call, all he has to do is sign a memo. With a stroke of his pen all “refugee” immigration into the United States from anywhere around  the globe would be immediately halted.

President Trump’s policy adviser Stephen Miller said on ABC’s “This Week” as he made the round of Sunday shows, “As you know, we have multiple options, and we are considering all of them.”

The best option to avoid the frustration of dealing with the courts on the “refugee” issue would be to simply lower the levels permitted for the current fiscal year to a level at or below that which we are currently standing at. With 8 months remaining in the year, there would be ample time to review policy and to formulate legal tactics for advancing them.

He partially executed that option in the first executive order, with it being the lone component that was not struck down by the “so-called” judge Robart, thereby having been in effect endorsed as legal and compliant by the black robed legislators. The ceiling was reduced from 110,000 to 50,000 by the executive order, with 34,225 having been admitted to this point in the current year, a cap in the area of 35,000 would solve that problem until October 1st, the beginning of the next fiscal period.

Exposing the vulnerability of this country under the current terrorist-friendly system of operations established by the jihadist pretend ‘president’ Hussein Obama, 77 percent of the “refugees” into America are from four of the nations on the seven country ban, Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Sudan. This action would cover every terrorist nation, not just the seven most dangerous.

The change in the cap would also have the benefit of depriving the parasite refugee industry of revenue, perhaps causing some to cease their operations. Additionally, the expenses that the United States expends in screening, transporting, supporting and establishing the foreigners in their transition to their new situation would be eliminated for the remainder of the year. It would also have the appearance of being something that the liberal leftists, through their obstructionism brought upon themselves, a more drastic option than what the president had originally sought to employ that works out better in the long run for the nation. It’s a winning proposition for America and one that hopefully is part of the plan that President Trump promised to unveil this week. 

Another positive aspect to the plan is that there is no executive order needed to accomplish the objective, as The Refugee Act of 1980 gives the president the sole authority to set the ceiling on annual refugee levels. He simply needs to send a letter to Congress advising them of the change and he’s met the legal requirements.

Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice told WND, “Basically you let Congress know along with a couple of agencies of the federal government.” He thinks this is a likely path for President to pursue in light of the coordinated opposition from the leftists. He said, “I think this is what the White House is considering, this and other options. Start with something new, multiple cases, and get a fresh start. You have your attorney general in place now, your secretary of state, and you see some of the legal openings they are trying to seize upon at the Ninth Circuit, so if you can accomplish the same goal through multiple executive orders or other measures, why not?”

Refugee resettlement expert James Simpson agrees, writing in a column for the Daily Caller that this option is virtually fool-proof. He wrote, “President Trump does not need an executive order for this. He can simply send a letter to Congress, informing it of his intentions. Refugee caps for FY 2017 would be reduced to zero.”

Noting that the liberal Ninth Circuit made no mention of the refugee portion of the executive order, Sekulow added, “They would have at least mentioned it if they thought that was an issue. There’s a long history of pausing refugee resettlement for various reasons.”

As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. It also applies to terrorist-friendly libtards legislating from the bench.

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