President Trump Kicks IRS, Political Thought Controllers Out Of The Pulpits Of American Churches

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President Trump’s signing of an executive order removing the threat of the loss of tax-exempt status from churches in the United States if they address or express a position on political issues or candidates removes an intrusion into religious freedom that has no place in this nation, an unconstitutional restriction on what can be said from the pulpit.

It’s a restriction that applies primarily to Christian churches in its enforcement, particularly over the last eight years when Christians were targeted by the Islamic-favoring and empowering Obama regime. Imams weren’t threatened by the IRS but we know from the incident surrounding the targeting of conservatives for their views by Lois Lerner and her many accomplices that the same can’t be said for preachers, pastors, priests and probably rabbis.

President Trump stated in his remarks associated with the signing of the executive order prohibiting persecution under the Johnson Amendment. He said, “No American should be forced to choose between the dictates of the federal government and the tenets of their faith.   As I campaigned across the country, faith leaders explained that they were prevented from speaking their minds because of a 1954 rule known as the Johnson Amendment.”

He pointed out that he spoke of it often during the campaign and had pledged to fix the problem if elected. He noted, “Under this rule, if a pastor, priest or imam speaks about issues of public or political importance, they are threatened with the loss of their tax-exempt status, a crippling financial punishment; very, very unfair. But no longer.”

“And to this end,” says President Trump, “this financial threat against the faith community is over. In America we do not fear people speaking freely [unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg] from the pulpit, we embrace it. America has a rich tradition of social change beginning in our pews and our pulpits. Perhaps there is no greater example than the historic role of the African-American church as the agent for social progress, spurring our nation to greater justice and equality.”

Of Course the terrorist sympathizers at CAIR and other caliphate promoting organizations and mosques are surely already at work determining in what ways they’ll be able to manipulate this into an advantage in their takeover. That’s to be expected. With no penalties for violations being levied against them and a lack of respect for the law of the infidels to begin with, they were likely already fully engaged in political activism from their pulpits irrespective of the law. The rules of engagement have merely been relaxed to allow law-abiding Christians to compete on more equal terms.

Trump declared, “We must never infringe on the noble tradition of change from the church and progress from the pew.” It wouldn’t be a bad idea to never infringe upon the Constitution also, the Bill of Rights in particular. Fixing that ongoing injustice would take a lot of executive orders, speeches and signing ceremonies.

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  1. shirley roberts // May 5, 2017 at 1:32 pm // Reply

    I don’t like the wording of this bill, it can be taken in the wrong way much too easily. He needs to word it better.

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