President Trump Fetches Marine’s Hat, Twice – After Wind Blows It Off

trump marine cap hat

It’s the kind of thing we’d have never seen from Hussein Obama, treating a military man with respect rather than disdain and going out of the normal protocol to help him when he can, just doing the right, polite thing to what would be his fellow American if he weren’t a Kenyan. It’s what our American President Trump does reflexively, instinctively.

Walking out to board his helicopter President Trump noticed that one of his Marine guards had lost his hat, apparently due to either the local windy conditions or the wash from the rotor. Instead of passing by and leaving Marine to hope that it doesn’t get blown anywhere else before he can retrieve it, President Trump does the proper thing, bending over and picking it up for him.

As he’s putting the hat back on the Marine’s head and giving him a pat on the arm, the wind blows it off again. This time President Trump picks it up and hands it off to an aide who takes care of getting it back where it belongs, atop the Marine’s head.

President Trump then enters the helicopter and soon departs. It’s the kind of thing we’d never see from Obama, who treated his military detail as if they were slaves, and slaves who were lesser humans than him, most notably as his umbrella holder. It’s so much better to have a real leader and a real American President in the White House – someone who actually likes Americans and loves this country.

Even CNN couldn’t resist giving President Trump favorable coverage.


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