President Trump Being Criticized By Merkel Is Rousing Endorsement Of America First

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 Americans should recognize the words of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, intended as criticism, as a huge backhanded compliment and endorsement of President Trump’s “America First” Agenda. In simple terms, anything or anyone the globalist agitator Merkel disapproves of or doesn’t like is probably a good thing for America. She doesn’t think much of President Trump, a feeling that was reinforced by the just completed G-7.

Merkel told her supporters on Sunday that Germany can no longer “completely depend” on the U.S. as a reliable partner. She added that Europeans “must really take our destiny into our own hands.” That’s how the big boys do it, Angela. Yours is, for the time being, until you are crushed under the weight of your open borders idiocy, the greatest European economic power and the economic engine of the European Union. Why would you need or want the United States as a sponsor or a baby sitter? Why should we allow a destructive globalist parasite such as yourself or your EU partners to attach themselves to us to obtain for free what independent nations are expected to provide on their own?

Merkel Whines About Having to be Self-Sufficient – America Isn’t Her Nanny Any Longer

Merkel said, at a campaign rally in Munich, “The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days.” Her references are to the failure of her and her fellow EU tools in the G-7 to convince President Trump to join them in their exploitation of the American people and other developed nations.

Trump refused his glass of hemlock on the global government power grab of the climate hoax in refusing to “join the club.” He apparently did in rejecting the mass population importation and redistribution from the Middle East and Africa as well. Both of those are near and dear to the anti-Germany world government devotee, Chancellor Merkel, who described the interaction with President Trump as “unsatisfying.”

The European parasite joined her fellow freeloaders in decrying Trump’s insistence that they pay their fair share for a NATO pact that benefits them far more than it does us and in which we fund, just as with the UN, the lion’s share of the costs.

Merkel, the European “Obama,” took a jab at President Trump at NATO headquarters Thursday as well, criticizing “the building of walls” as detrimental to society. Again, when the woman who is single-handedly turning Europe into a security nightmare unfit for civilized humans to live in and destroying the nations’ historic individuality and cultural heritage criticizes our President, it’s a huge endorsement for his clear thinking, logical, common sense policies.

Merkel said, “It is not isolation and the building of walls that make us successful, but open societies.” Open Societies is a familiar terminology of those controlled by and the false fronts of George Soros.  Perhaps President Trump isn’t as malleable and evolving as economic adviser Gary Cohn indicated he was. Maybe he’s still thinking for himself and on our behalf. We’ll find out in the coming days.

Perhaps Merkel has it backwards, it’s not that Germany can’t depend on America and Britain, maybe that Germany we were aligned with has already been destroyed by her and her EU comrades. We have already recognized that we and the rest of the sane international world, can no longer depend on Germany.


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  1. When will everyone realize that Merkel and the rest of these open-borders traitors get MILLIONS of dollars from the gov’ts -muslim Gov’ts and Soros – etc that take in these ILLEGALS – Why do you think they are doing it in CALIFORNIA and the rest of these places? BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD ???? — They get paid plenty from their own Countries….WHY ? Well that’s easy ..the muslims want to cover the world and – like California , etc -want to line their own pockets … …..Too bad men like Soros want to give their money to Fascist believers !!!!!! He and Obama will never change …even Obama is laundering money for the Cartels – Why did he make Four hundred MILLION dollars for one speech ….???? I GET VERY ANGRY WHEN I SEE THESE “MASKED RIOTERS” THAT ARE COWARDS AND WON’T SHOW THEIR FACES … THEY CAN’T BE RECOGNIZED OR WE WOULD KNOW WHO THEY ARE … Will OUR gov’t ever start arresting the real culprits?

  2. Did you hear Merkel and Adolf being related.

  3. Merkel,This quote was from what you said… “Chancellor Merkel, who described the interaction with President Trump as “unsatisfying.” If you want satisfying results, try to salvage your countrymen and women you have turned into victims. I researched your crime sprees at the hands of your “muslim guests”. Rapes were up 79% at that point. I went online to reevaluate the crime spree but you had that taken down, huh? lol I don’t blame you! Turning your country into a hell hole must have taken some real planning, or was it because of lack of planning? Obama tried that same thing here, in America, but we stopped him by electing President Donald Trump. Why don’t you try something else that is more direct and might prove more satisfying. Talk to your countrymen and women and apologize for the evil you have bestowed on them and that you will make it right by them. That would be more satisfying than letting your people suffer, in their own country, at the hands of the monsters you allowed to take up residence there. If that does not work, buy an electronic device. You are as evil is portrayed if you do nothing for Germany and the magnificent German people!

  4. Let’s hope Trump got a good read on the real objectives and motives of Merkel and her fellow leaders of the EU. Supporting their agenda is not what will make America great again. Let’s hope Trump sees through their crap and won’t allow us to continue as victims of it.

  5. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 29, 2017 at 9:53 am // Reply

    Excellent piece, Rick. Very well argued indeed.

    Also, the admission that perhaps Gary Cohn does not influence Trump as much as he would like to is tremendously reassuring. Yes, we gotta wait and see. We will surely find out in the coming days.

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