President Trump Chooses New National Security Adviser, Jobs For Kellogg, Bolton


President Donald Trump has named General H. R. McMaster to be his National Security Adviser, replacing Lt. Gen Mike Flynn. The President made the announcement on Monday from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, FL.  

The acting National Security Adviser, General Keith Kellogg, will be remaining in the White House, moving to the position of National Security Council Chief of Staff.

Trump noted one of the candidates who was not selected, former UN Ambassador John Bolton, does have a place in the administration although it was not revealed in what capacity he would be utilized at this time. He called him a terrific guy who knows a lot. He said “He has a good number of ideas that I must tell you I agree very much.”

General McMaster thanked President Trump, saying, “I’d just like to tell you what a privilege it is to be able to continue serving our nation. I’m grateful to you for that opportunity and I look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything I can to advance and protect the interests of the American people.”

General Kellogg offered a similar statement, thanking the President for the opportunity to continue to serve as well, adding, “I’m honored by it, very privileged by it and very honored and privileged to serve alongside H. R. McMaster, I’ve known for years as well. He’s a great statesman and a great soldier. Thank you, sir.”

Trump replied, “And so are you, thank you very much. What a team.” He added, “This is a great team. We’re very, very honored. Our country is lucky to have two people like this, and frankly, after having met so many of the people in the military, we’re lucky to have all of them. So thank you all very much, I’ll see you back in Washington, we’re leaving now, thank you.”

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