President Trump Attacked By Australian Official For Complimenting Macron Wife

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One great advantage Fake News giant CNN has over many legitimate news sources as well as much of their fake news competitors is their size and worldwide reach. They can go anywhere on the planet to dig up dirt or get backup for their attacks.

We all know that President Trump can do no right in the opinion of the left-wing media and if they report on anything they do it in an effort to demean and diminish him. This time the attacks on the President were due to him paying a compliment to French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife.

When they were introduced at the G20 President Trump commented, “You’re in such good shape, beautiful.” The vitriolic reaction is apparently rooted in a contention that his compliment stopped implied and stopped just short of saying “for such an old cradle robber” or something to that effect.

In this instance the fake news reader borrowed a clip from an Australian woman who happens to also be the foreign minister. Women who want to be treated like men are so easily offended, much more easily than most men. Arguing her position actually weakens her position in this case, but she’s doing it nonetheless.

The local interviewer asks the Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, “If he said that to you would you be flattered or offended? The Foreign Minister, who is in no danger of being faced with a decision over how to handle a compliment from our president, responded, “I’d be taken aback, I think. It’s a rather interesting comment to make. I wonder if she could say the same of him.” How femiNazi of her.

For a 71-year-old man President Trump is in quite good physical condition, so yes, Madam Foreign Minister, if you identify as a female, she could say the same thing about him. And he could undoubtedly beat the heck out of either her or yourself in a round of golf if you wanted him to prove it and he chose to indulge your pettiness.


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