President REAGAN JOKE Highlighted Soviet COMMUNIST System Failures

ronald reagan

President Ronald Reagan had a personal, approachable quality to him that made Americans feel like they knew him, almost like he was their friend.

It’s a rare ability for someone in his position, faced with the challenges that go with the office, to keep the people on your side and relatively happy. Reagan often used humor to build his bond with the American people.

There was at that time no better material for a United States president to use as the basis for his political humor than the Soviet Union. Their authoritarian system was the antithesis of ours and they were our primary global adversary. Every inch they were taken down elevated us and the American president in the relationship proportionately.

The inherent failures of the Soviet system to provide for their people, the poor quality of products, undependable delivery schedules and lack of work ethic that a communist system fosters and demands as a fundamental component of its existence was also a key player in its economic inefficiencies and downfall.

In this clip President Reagan takes a humorous verbal shot at the Soviets on those counts, their industrial shortcomings and the associated substandard work ethics that led to service providers and products being difficult to come by and often ultimately not much worth having after the wait was over.

It’s the same ideology that we’re at war with today, the Antifa, communists, BLM agitators that Obama and his fellow commies are aiding in their effort to conquer us from within. It was funny then, it’s serious now.

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  1. If I remember correctly, it was Khrushchev who said they would take us without firing a shot, and take us from within. They were on their way then and Soros with his BLM, Antifa, and useful idiots, and our education system have almost completed the job.

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