President-Elect Trump Cheered By American Patriots At Army Navy Game

trump army navy game


President-elect Donald Trump took a break from his preparations and staff selections of those who will help him make America great again to enjoy some football. Fittingly for one who has made the military such a high profile focus of his campaign and who has three generals among his cabinet picks, the game was between Army and Navy. He may have succeeded in cutting out yet another little piece of history as the first president-elect to attend what is a time honored tradition for sitting presidents.

Mr. Trump entered with the first quarter already underway, and was greeted with resounding cheers by what seemed to be everybody in attendance. Not a single player disrespected their nation, themselves or the arrival of their future Commander-in-Chief by taking a knee during the National Anthem. These are a different caliber of individual, far superior to the trash that is blowing around on some fields in the NFL.

Mr. Trump, protected by panes of bulletproof glass, pumped his fist and waved to the crowd from a booth as he was acknowledged and responded to the crowd. It was the 117th game between the two rival academies, West Point and Annapolis. The site was M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Trump took a little heat for comments he made which could be interpreted as derogatory towards the caliber of the play but clearly he was just attempting to compliment their spirit, not taking anything away from either team. Asked why he was attending the game, Mr. Trump replied, “I just love the armed forces, love the folks. The spirit is so incredible. I mean, I don’t know if it’s necessarily the best football, but it’s very good. But, boy, do they have spirit.”

Coming into this game Navy had won fourteen contests in a row. Number fifteen proved more elusive as Army came back from behind to win 21 – 17.

Mr. Trump enjoyed the first half of the game from the box of David Urban, who was one of his advisers in Pennsylvania and is a West Point graduate. For the second half he enjoyed the hospitality of Lt. Col Oliver North, a graduate of Annapolis, sharing his booth. He’s totally neutral, a point he made crystal clear with some help from his hosts.


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3 Comments on President-Elect Trump Cheered By American Patriots At Army Navy Game

  1. Richard Burley // December 11, 2016 at 7:47 pm // Reply

    Is it necessary or relevant to this, or any other report, to point out “protected by panes of bullet proof glass”, or any other security measures, seen or unseen, to protect Mr. Trump? When you inject personal opinions and unsubstantiated ‘facts’, you are potentially losing readers, and much more importantly for the country, jeopardizing the safety of our President-elect. I would expect this style of reporting from a ‘fake’ news outlet, but am a little surprised by your sloppiness, and insensitivity for the safety of our next President. Bad people don’t need any help to be bad, so why do it.

    • I inject opinion whenever and wherever I see fit, Richard, that’s what I do. As for the glass, read some articles elsewhere, you’ll find it was mentioned even in the “main stream you trust so much,” and excuse me for not realizing that the jihadis or other would-be assassins never heard of such “innovative” ways of protecting people. That was just a fishbowl atop the pope mobile in case it rains i guess, nobody ever mentioned it so how would we know. Guess they weren’t sloppy enough.

  2. and when o’bama saw it, he cried on the shoulder of mooch/(michael).
    She probably consoled him by taking his mind off it, telling him that Trump couldn’t perform a gay act with him as IT and barry could.

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