Possible “SPECIAL ENVOY” To N Korea, Maxine WATERS, Explains What Needs To Be Done

maxine waters

We get an insight into the way a “President Maxine Waters” would respond to the current situation in North Korea, a path not too far removed from the one that Hussein Obama pursued and which Susan Rice and DNI Clapper are currently advocating.

She says, “The United States State Department must be staffed up to deal in diplomacy. We cannot afford to be in a war and I want us to be very careful, very alert to what is happening and to avoid war. And so I think we can do this with some diplomacy.” Of course she’s an advocate of more talking regardless of the circumstances.

One crazy person to another, maybe Waters should go to Pyongyang as a special envoy herself and more talking a try. What’s the worst that could happen? Kim would kidnap her? Even he’s not that crazy. He might kill her – we’ll send our condolences to her survivors.

She says “We’ve got to have Tillerson, who is our Secretary of State, get those positions filled for deputy, for assistant, so that we can engage with North Korea.” Everybody should have known when the dems started obstructing nominations that if those two positions weren’t filled at the State Department, Kim would start launching ballistic missiles. Great insight, Waters, you saw it where nobody else did.

She went on to say, ‘I believe that North Korea is interesting [sic] threats,” whatever that means, “to the United States, but I think that there’s some things that they want from us and we have to find out whether not [sic] we can work with them on the things that they’re asking for.” Maybe a James Brown wig?

They’re not asking for anything you idiot, they’re demanding and threatening to blow up parts of our country, perhaps targeting Los Angeles during your House recess. It’s a horrific thought but one which wouldn’t be without at least one, perhaps more, silver linings to the mushroom cloud.

The woman who has been attacking President Trump and vowing to force him out of office says, “This is not the time to go bluffing and threatening,” two topics she knows quite a bit about, “this is a time for diplomacy.”

It  sounds like she sees it as a time for capitulation and rewarding bad behavior, encouraging other nations to likewise develop their nuclear programs so they could hold the world hostage and issue extortion demands as well.

If she does go to Pyongyang to make a deal with Kim, Waters should make it a “bipartisan” affair by taking Mitch McConnell with her. Nobody is better at negotiating a surrender than McConnell and, as is the case with her, if things didn’t work out and he didn’t make it back, it would be no real loss. Things might actually get done in the Senate. Better take Schumer too, and Elizabeth Warren, “just to make sure.”

Opportunities like this don’t come around every day.


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18 Comments on Possible “SPECIAL ENVOY” To N Korea, Maxine WATERS, Explains What Needs To Be Done

  1. I think she’s posturing herself for a run at the Whitehouse.

  2. How the hell does this loud mouth know what should be done?

  3. Actually, Goldbug, Pyongyang is a pretty nice city. I’d recommend they head to Afghanistan where the Taliban and various rebel groups could have a little fun with them. Can you imagine what those goat lovers would do to McCain, Graham and Schiff?

  4. I think we should schedule a couple C130 military transport aircraft and send the entirety of the do-nothing Congress to Pyongyang .. as their permanent residence.

  5. It’s not a bluff, Maxine! Our President means every word. I, too, think that CA is looking to be a better target than Guam. Does Fat-Face-Kim ever say what he actually means? I mean, come on, he’s never prepared us before. Well written article with a good hint of funny.

  6. Rick, I would hate to get Maxine Waters involved in anything except a retirement ceremony or a concession speech. But I would definitely get a woman involved in appealing to Kim, giving him face-saving options that might bring favorable results.

  7. Would it be ok if McCain goes along, too? Please?

  8. Jerry Brown should go with Maxine’s group, great move. After Kim Jong-um sees them feel assured Kim will forget about any bomb and decide to walk right in la la land.

  9. Steven Fadness // August 11, 2017 at 11:05 am // Reply

    Thank you Rick Wells, for putting into words my sentiments, the sentiments of we who are onboard the Presidents Train and those of the better half of the free world. Great read!

  10. When can we send her? A fast flight over and toss her out with her parachute. Oh yes, we can put a body camera on her so we can get a shot when she meets the little fat toad!

  11. Kelleigh Nelson // August 11, 2017 at 10:40 am // Reply

    Remember the movie Forrest Gump? His mama said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” It fits for Maxine.

  12. “Opportunities like this don’t come around every day.
    Another excellent and entertaining piece.

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