Pope Falsely Connects Weather Events To Warming In Push For Global Communism

Again Pope Francis demonstrated that the end justifies the means as he and the UN work to impose world government through weather “guilt,” or climate change. Worship earth

pope francis bergoglio

Pope Francis is once again distorting the reality of weather into a justification for global government and an Islamic caliphate, lying in the name of his own pretend religion of earth worship.

Pope Bergoglio is promoting the latest in the never-ending series of takeover through the weather meetings, this one in the notorious “climate communism” plotting center of Paris. He addressed the non-issue from the Vatican on Sunday.

Francis said, “Two years after the adoption of the Paris climate agreement,” the UN exploiters who rule the world’s future slave populations are meeting again in a summit to renew their commitment and to “consolidate a shared strategy to counter the worrisome phenomenon of climate change.”

He said, “I strongly hope that this summit, as well as other initiatives that go in the same direction, will foster a clear awareness of the need to adopt genuinely effective measures to counteract climate change and, at the same time, to combat poverty and promote integral human development,” the global welfare and communism operating authority.

Bergoglio indicated that India’s Hurricane Okhi and the flooding in Albania are unusual and evidence that the voodoo of global warming witch doctor George Soros is real. He said, “I would like to express my closeness to the Indian populations affected by Cyclone Okhi, especially the families of the many missing fishermen and also to the population of Albania, which has been severely tested by major flooding.”

But wait a minute, Pope. Cyclone Okhi was only a category 3 hurricane, hardly anything unusual and the amount of the loss of life is believed to be due to a failure by the local government to warn people, particularly local fishermen, that the storm was approaching. They had information that it was on the way three days prior to landfall and never issued a warning to the people.

As for the annual flooding in Albania, much of that damage is being blamed on deforestation, not anything that was caused by the global temperature or any of the other mumbo jumbo the snake oil Pope and his UN comrades say it was. And it’s not unusual either, with similar events happening last year and major flooding in 2009 and 2010.

If he’s going to be preaching something other than the Bible he might want to try reading up on it before he opens his globalist mouth. Then again, if Pope Bergoglio did that, he’d have to knowingly lie to spread his global climate communism rather than just appearing to be stupid.

If he’s not stupid he’s dangerous, and he’s not stupid. He does seem convinced that the rest of us are.


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