Pope Calls Human Props “Warriors of Hope” – Hopes Nobody Stops Him Until It’s Too Late

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Pope Globalist I, Francis to his friends and invasion forces, flew to Bologna, Italy, on Sunday to indulge in some of his favorite pastimes, preaching the benefits of invasion, demeaning those in opposition, and using the transient population he created as NWO props.

As part of his full day of propaganda agitation, Francis spent an hour meeting with the props he’s temporarily stranded in order to create the crisis he will then “remedy” by destroying the existing global system of sovereign, independent nations, ethnicities and cultures.

Global communism requires that we all be the same and our property be redistributed. As a cheesy display that will serve him as a talking point, Francis sported a yellow plastic invader ID bracelet to express his solidarity with them. Does he think his aggressive actions against the citizens of Europe weren’t already an unmistakable indicator of his alliances?

Pope Francis asked his invading props, “Do you know what you are? You are ‘warriors of hope’!” He urged them not to give in to disappointment or despair. Why call them warriors, Pope, if they’re just benign “immigrants or refugees?”

And how is hope attached to what they are doing other than the hope of average citizens that they’ll go back to where they belong and that no more will come? Is it the hope that you’ll go back to minding your own and Catholic Church business rather than redistributing the world’s population?

Pope Evilone II, Francis, offered his contrived explanation as to why “some people” in Europe oppose the mass immigration of foreigners who have nothing in common with their own societies. Frank said it’s just simple-minded haters responding to their xenophobia.

He told his invader props, “Many do not know you and they are afraid.” Especially those rape victims or the ones who lost loved ones to terrorists, eh Frankie? “This makes them feel entitled to judge harshly and coldly while thinking they see well. But this is not true. We see well only with the proximity that comes from mercy. Without this, the other remains a stranger, even an enemy, and cannot become my neighbor.”

Here’s a newsflash for you Pope, they are entitled to judge harshly, it’s their border and their country. They want them to remain strangers and not as their neighbors. The only ones that want it are the globalists intent on ruling the planet, such as yourself and your filthy comrades at the EU, UN and CFR.

Pope Endoftheworldasweknowit IV continued, “In you I see Jesus Christ, as with any stranger who knocks at our door, who identifies himself with the foreigner, of every age and condition, accepted or rejected.” Really Pope? In you we see the Devil, one who defames the name of Jesus Christ, using it to advance a Satanic agenda.

In spreading the drive for acceptance of his dictates, Pope Francis said it is “necessary for more countries to adopt private and community-based welcoming programs and to open humanitarian avenues for refugees in the most difficult situations, to avoid unbearable waiting periods and lost time.”

Why, Pope? What’s wrong with them staying where they are and why are you in such a hurry to get this invasion completed? Is it you don’t want people to wake up to your treachery before it’s too late for them to stop it?

Pope Francis launched a two-year campaign last week to re-educate people “about the plight of migrants” and to provoke a “shift in thinking” toward them worldwide.

Playing the guilt card in his weekly General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square, Frank said, “Brothers, we mustn’t be afraid to share the journey! We mustn’t be afraid to share the hope!” He told the Association of National Italian Municipalities (ANCI) that he understands “the distress of many of your citizens in the face of the massive arrival of migrants and refugees.” He doesn’t give a rip, but he understands it. Now make room for more.

He didn’t blame what is the obvious cause, the negative changes to their society that they bring with them but on “an innate fear of the ‘foreigner,’ a fear exacerbated by the wounds caused by the economic crisis, the unpreparedness of the local communities, and the inadequacy of many measures taken in an emergency atmosphere.”

Fear can be dismissed as a foolish overreaction, so he’s going with that rather than the reality that he listed, the destructive impact on world societies. Offering stupidly simplistic false remedies, Pope Trustmyliesnotyoureyes III said, “This discomfort can be overcome by offering meeting spaces and mutual knowledge.

He babbled on, “Initiatives that promote a culture of encounter, mutual exchange of artistic and cultural riches and the knowledge of newcomers’ places and communities of origin are all welcome.” Pope Frank knows they’re not welcome. He’s imposing them anyway as the route to one world government, against the wishes and best interest of the people being impacted.

It’s not mere “discomfort,” it’s destruction. Try finding a meeting space when there aren’t even vacant buildings to live in and prices are through the roof. Try spending that mutual knowledge at the grocery store in the absence of economic opportunity. Try not playing God and shutting your Papal pie hole.


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4 Comments on Pope Calls Human Props “Warriors of Hope” – Hopes Nobody Stops Him Until It’s Too Late

  1. El Papa looks like he got the shit beat out of him by loving invaders.

  2. Thomas A Oakley // October 2, 2017 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    I would think that if it was, say 500 years or so in the past, he would have been taken out a long time ago by the other red hat people in his church. Their choice back then was…..poison. But then his one and only mission is to destroy/and or change the roman catholic church and he is getting a lot of help from those inside who share his thoughts on what the world should be.

  3. Is it true that pedophiles often wear those little yellow bracelets?


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